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What is the purpose of furntr? | FURNTR
What is the purpose of furntr?

Furntr, the Turkish furniture sector and for the companies aims to be a brand new horizon and that serve the furniture sector an advanced medium 

Furntr,  in Turkey and the world's other countries all institutions operating in the furniture sector as a stakeholder sees.

Our main objectives are;
Bringing together all stakeholders engaged in furniture field in a wide range of media,
To announce to the followers the sectoral and technological developments in furniture sector,
To increase the trade with stakeholders,
To organize specialization activities,
to announce the activities organized,
to contribute to the solution by expressing the problems experienced by the sector,
To provide a suitable environment for the institutions, organizations, firms and craftsmen serving the furniture industry to show themselves and their works.

by evaluating their stakeholder valuable suggestions and demands It will offer to the service of the sector.

You can introduce your products and services by taking one of the membership packages on our page and you can use the advertisement service you need.

Outside the package membership, 
our in the banners your ads can be published.

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