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Furniture Design and the Position of the Sector in Turkey | FURNTR
Furniture Design and the Position of the Sector in Turkey

Furniture Design and the Position of the Sector in Turkey

The Turkish furniture sector needs to solve the structural problems in the sector in order to a design culture. As well as design departments of large firms in Turkey, individual designers also present their products to the sector by their own efforts. Because of the changing world standards and developing world technology, imitation production is becoming more and more difficult, and today's consumer profile is more conscious and they desire to get original products. Nevertheless, the fact that the Turkish furniture sector is among the imitation sectors is an obstacle to the companies that make great investments in order to advance. In this sense, the Turkish furniture sector has made great progress from the past to the present. With this progress, it could not ignore the problems experienced in the sector and could not overcome its problems in the international market. Although the capital inflows and outflows were fully emancipated, the manufacturing industry, population growth, high rate of inflation continued, while the growth rate slowed down due to insufficient domestic demand, and the domestic market lost its place to imported goods significantly. In a sense, the entry of foreign companies' products into the country has led to the emergence of a competitive environment and led to the introduction of quality products. The rapid progress of imports and technological developments has significantly improved the sector, and the problems experienced in product designs have caused the sector to be unhealthy and cannot progress.

One of the major problems in Turkey's design is that she does not enable an original design to competitive conditions. The existence of design depends on increasing competition. Market problems appearing since the late 1980s and developments such as opening up to the international marketplace have forced Turkish design to be competitive in the sector. This force has enabled the sector to recognize the importance of original design, branding and standardization. The number of manufacturers who can understand the importance of design in Turkish furniture sector is quite small. Many companies are copying catalogs of foreign companies and investment in product design is prevented. For this reason, it is observed that the cases are opened due to the similarity of the products among the major firms. The fact that counterfeit products cost less than the originals makes it possible for the consumer and the producer to turn to these products. The increase of the product in line with the demand shows that the original design is not preferred in the sense of easy production in a sense that imitation production is continuing. In spite of this, in the recent years when the sector started to become more conscious, the number of firms that have gained their place of importance gives importance to product registration. In this respect, branding and original design have become important concepts which are related to furniture sector in recent years.


In order to improve the furniture design industry and creating a quality in Turkey, gaining a place in the international arena, making it a trend; it is necessary to determine goals for the future. Unless the need for designers in the Turkish furniture sector is put in place, imitation production will continue to be the reality of the Turkish furniture sector unless firms end up supporting foreign production and designers. In this sense, compliance with standards, workforce, consumer demands, and technological innovations should be taken into account by taking into account the level of competition. In order to be able to read and interpret their own culture and to reflect the culture from the past to the future, original designs should be developed, domestic production, manufacturers and designers should be preferred. Today, very few Turkish designers are able to provide products on behalf of Turkish design in their international arena with their own efforts. In order to reveal new ideas, individual designers should get the necessary support.

In this sense, for the development of the furniture industry in Turkey;

Original design; unique, high quality and technological design ideas should be d

Image; trust, continuity, quality, meeting demand expectations, standardization, brand creation, original design issues should be d,

Education; new schools, state support, increasing technological opportunities, new technology, trained staff, trained work force should be increased, the sector should be promoted in international platform, competitions should be organized and design should be given importance to design culture,

In this direction, original design ideas should be d by bringing the design into a universal dimension and should be shared. Design reinforces competition, reinforces the phenomenon of branding. In Turkey in which the phenomenon of design is newly occurring; the business line of the firms that acts according these principles should be increased and the necessary support should be given to them in order to leading them to original designs and production manner.


Assistant Prof. Serpil Özker,  Doğuş University Faculty of Arts and Design Department of Interior Architecture


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