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Frequently Asked Questions | FURNTR

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have logged in, you can go to Manage in the menu (it opens by clicking My Account). You can change your company information in the Company Details tab.
Once you have logged in, you can go to Manage in the menu (it opens by clicking My Account). Go to Company Users and select the user whose password you want to change. Enter the new password and click Save.
You can fill in the contact form to resolve this.
This is great! After making your online payment, let us know which banner your ad will run. For publication date and banner location please send an e-mail.
You can go to the end of your company profile (by clicking 'Manage' on the My Account menu). You can update your other categories here.
Yes, you can register in more than one category on our webpage. Begin your registration in one of the industries you are currently active in. You have the option of selecting other categories that you are active during registration. After registration, you can check and update your areas of activity.
Yes, you can register your company in the company directory of this website and you can list it on our page.
In order to communicate with a company listed on our webpage, you can contact the relevant department personally from that company's contact information.
You can register your company to the company directory according to your area of activity and publish your information in the directory. You can publish your advertisements (Jobs, 2nd Hand Machine, Franchise) and advertise in banners. All these services are chargeable. You can also request offers from the manufacturers by uploading the furniture project that you want to receive a price quote, free of charge.
No, we do not buy or sell products. Please do not communicate with us about the products or enterprises listed on our web page. If you want to know some industry related information, you will need to contact the enterprises listed on our website.