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Yıldız Entegre has showcased its new product Superior Matt Lacquer. | FURNTR
Yıldız Entegre has showcased its new product Superior Matt Lacquer.

Yıldız Entegre, one of the important companies in Turkey's Forestry Products Sector, reinterpreted the rise of "Mat" with "Superior Matt Lac". The 19 colors of Superior Matt Lak, which emerged as a result of more than a year of R & D work, were determined by the insights taken from leading architects and designers in the country and industry representatives abroad.

Yıldız Entegre, one of the biggest manufacturers of Turkey and the world in the Forestry Products Sector with its innovative designs and trend-setting products, introduced the Superior Matt Lacquer Panel, which it added to its product group, to the market under the brand of Yıldız Trend. Superior Matt Lacquer Panel, presented to users with its perfect surface, perfect matte appearance and unique texture, is preparing to make living spaces more elegant and attractive.


Matte decors, which have started to appear in assertive and sophisticated living spaces in decoration, attract attention with their harmonious characters in decor combinations as well as the elegance they bring to the spaces. Superior Matt Lacquer Panel, which includes wood and stone decors in addition to solid colors, makes you feel the soft and full transition of 'Mat' in the whole atmosphere of the place with its colors.

Superior Matt Lacquer Panel stands out with its excellent matte surface that does not recognize any competitors in spaces, as well as its high resistance to fingerprints, scratches, stains and fading as a result of tests carried out according to international standards. Superior Matt Lacquer Panel, especially the kitchen and bathroom, can be used in all kinds of furniture and special design productions where decoration stands out.


Yıldız Entegre Sales and Marketing Director Selçuk Ormancı said that they listened to the voice of the market during the one-year R&D process and launching process of Superior Matt Lak in order to achieve flawlessness and continued, "By analyzing the needs of the sector, we will make Superior Matt Lac innovative. While deciding what the decorations would be, we met with very valuable architects and designers from the country, and at the same time, we aimed to make the product we offer to the market by making meetings with industry professionals abroad, especially in Spain and Italy. This research continued in parallel with the process of gathering insights. At this point, we have succeeded in bringing the Superior Matt Lacquer Panel with its perfect surface and high resistance against fingerprints, scratches, fading and impact, to the market with its perfect matte and silky texture. "

Yıldız Entegre Sales and Marketing Director Selçuk Ormancı said, "We closely follow all developments in the field of furniture and decoration from past to present," and concluded his words as follows: "As Yıldız Entegre, we have always been in close contact with the furniture sector. Knowing the needs of the furniture industry is the basis of our success. It comes to know it well. This close relationship has a big share in the perfect presentation of Superior Matt Lak to the market. We believe that our product, which we are very happy to present to the world market, will turn into inspiring designs in professional hands. "

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