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Yataş Group Continues Foreign Investments Without Slowing Down | FURNTR
Yataş Group Continues Foreign Investments Without Slowing Down


Yataş Group Continues Foreign Investments Without Slowing Down


Yataş Group, one of the leading companies in the furniture and bedding industry, continues to grow abroad. Yataş Group, which does not interrupt its investments, aims to enter the homes of millions of families by opening 6 new sales points for Enza Home brand and 7 for Yataş Bedding until the end of the year.

Turkey's leading brand Yatas Group has continued unabated investment. Continuing with its goal of becoming a global brand, Yataş Group plans to add 13 new points by the end of the year with 91 sales promises abroad. Since the beginning of the year, Yataş Group, which has 4 new sales points in Hungary and 1 in Iran, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Russia, has opened 6 sales points in Germany, one of its main target markets. Yataş Group introduced Enza Home quality with its first store in Toronto in August.

Yataş Group continues its store work without slowing down. Enza Home stores will be opened in Perm, Russia in September and in Nuremberg, Germany in October. Yataş Bedding will introduce consumers to Yataş sleep in Azerbaijan, Baku, Kosovo Ferizaj in September and in Romania's Braşov city in October. In addition to these stores, Enza Home and Yataş Bedding will meet with consumers with new corners to be opened

"We opened 6 sales points in Germany"

Making an assessment on the subject, Yataş Group CEO Nuri Öztaşkın said, “With the pandemic process, the furniture industry has entered a difficult period like many other industries. While many brand investments were suspended, as Yataş Group, the strong and experienced brand of the sector, we did not compromise our investment plans. Since the beginning of the year, we have met consumers with 17 new sales points. We opened 6 sales points in Germany. Thanks to our company in Germany, we are able to analyze the consumer demands and needs here better and provide better service. Our aim is to become one of the most well-known brands in the sector by taking a larger share from the German market. We entered the Canadian market in August and opened our second store in Sub-Saharan countries except South Africa. "


Referring to the subsidiaries of Yataş Group in Russia and the USA as well as Germany, Öztaşkın said, "We are taking successful steps with the" Yataş Rus Limited Company "we established in October last year. We serve the Russian market with our own warehouse in Moscow. In July, we opened our first store of 1,200 square meters in Moscow. While we are constantly increasing our power in the Russian market, we anticipate expanding from this market to neighboring countries. With the North Carolina-based “Enza Home International” we established in March of this year, we aim to enter the US market first as a supplier and then to strengthen our position in the market by establishing our store network. We currently have a showroom and warehouse in High Point, the city of North Carolina, the heart of furniture. In addition, our efforts continue to offer our products for online sale on Amazon and Wayfair”.


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