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We increased our exports and production with robot. | FURNTR
We increased our exports and production with robot.

Sinop Çeliksan, Starting to use robot on production taking the support from KOSGEB. Thus a principle signature threw. Sinop Çeliksan founder Cihan ÇELİK  with robot investment, he said his product quality's increase, and production capacities's 30 percent increased. 

Producing bed and plinth mechanisms, under the Sinova brand, and  exporting to European countries Sinop Çeliksan delivered the welding work to the robot. Sinop Çeliksan; preferred, in Welding processes Universal Robots's colaborative robot model. The founder of the company Cihan ÇELİK; robotic welding machines about says: ''the robots's works with zero error, Product quality increased and their production capacity increased by 30 percent.''

makes, from l, furniture profiles production Sinop Çeliksan activiting in Sinop Organized Industrial Zone. The main focus is on bed and upholstery fittings and is specialized on l furniture fittings



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