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Turkish housewives his hand will be worth, to Furniture exports. | FURNTR
Turkish housewives his hand will be worth, to Furniture exports.

Turkish housewives will touch the furniture export.
With the joint project of Ankara Chamber of Industry and İŞKUR, housewives are given a training of 'dresser, seamstress' with one hundred percent job guarantee in the furniture sector.

Ankara Chamber of Industry in cooperation with Turkey Business Association guaranteed job training programs that she conducts turn the dreams of housewives into reality.

150 housewives are trained in the furniture workshop opened at the Continuing Education Center in the training program, which provides employment as "dresser, seamstress" to increase women's employment in the furniture sector. Turkey's in two companies exporting to europe will start work women, in furniture business upholstery, dressing; ıt will also destroy male domination in montage.

ASO President Nurettin Özdebir, saying that they have trained qualified personnel with the programs prepared in line with the needs of the sector in the workshops equipped and equipped with the latest technology in ASO-SEM, which has just started operations, and said, "We said that the best women do this job. For this, we established a workshop with the contribution of our industrialists. "We have trained 150 women in cooperation with Sincan Municipality. They go to their workplaces once a week."

Yasemin Cantürk, Betül Küpçü and Kadriye Sevigen, who are continuing their education in the first Organized Industrial Zone of ASO and who will work at Nurus, say that they are excited like children. Yasemin Cantürk said, "I have never worked before. SEM has been the door of hope for us. I believe we will succeed in this job. We learn to dress up furniture. We women can accomplish any job after they want to." Betül Küpçü, "We come to the workshop every morning at 08.30, we leave at 15.15. We go to the business one day a week and do an internship. I knew sewing, but I learned to sew and dress for the first time. Our teachers take care of us one by one. Many thanks to İŞKUR, ASO. we are, "he said. Kadriye Sevigen said, "I am excited to have a profession for the first time. We are getting a very good education."

ASO-SEM Chairman Serdar Tütek, within the scope of Vocational Education Strengthening and Cooperation Project, in Courses starting with 119 trainees in 7 professions, drew attention to the fact that all of the trainees are placed in jobs. 
Stating that the trainees are insured against occupational health and occupational diseases and paid 89 TL per day, Tütek said, "Trainees who are mothers benefit from İŞKUR support for their children. Those who want to benefit from education can apply and register on the internet".

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