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Turkish company Vivense with 54 branches; being sold. | FURNTR
Turkish company Vivense with 54 branches; being sold.

Turkey in order to sell furniture on the internet was founded in 2013 and later go retail Vivense; France is being bought by Luxembourg-based Sahara Holdings S.a.r.l fund.

Recently, virtual shopping sites comes at the beginning of the most conspicuous sector in Turkey. Starting with, and continuing with, Markafoni, the foreign interest in this field continued with the acquisition of Trendyol by the Chinese Alibaba Group. Another Turkish e-commerce company joined this foreign interest. Vivense, founded in 2013, is changing hands.

Turkey in order to sell furniture on the internet founded in March 2013 and then go retail,  which is the owner of the;  Viva Sense Technology Services and Trading Co. The company is being purchased by a fund called Sahara Holdings S.a.r.l, based in Luxembourg.

There are 54 showrooms and sales points in 23 cities

In almost every region of Turkey, located 54 showrooms and outlets in 23 cities Vivense the current investors in Plum Water-Nestle Water partnership CEO and in 2012, from the position separated; known for its investments technology based,  Hasan Aslanoba; 
Europe's biggest technology,  Evren Üçok and Cem Sertoğlu; the managing partner of Earlybird and the founding partner of Trendyol; and French-American entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda. Grinda, which has more than 100 Internet investments, has companies such as OLX, BrandsClub, Viajenet, Dineromail, e-Dreams, Baaze, Oktogo, Roomorama and Wikimart in its portfolio.

Entered the biggest list

Fast Company magazine, which is among the world's most important magazines, internet ecosystem of Turkey published in February this year also gave place Vivi largest 100 companies financed research. Vivense's turnover is in the 200-250 million lira band in this list.

Jul 12 2020

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