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The Center For Industrial Studies (CSIL) According to the report, Turkey in 2020, he settled in six places in the global furniture exports rose more than eighth place.

CEM KARATAY - Milan-based research as reference worldwide post World Furniture Outlook "According to the World Furniture Outlook 2020-2021" report titled, Turkey, by 2018 the 2.9 billion furniture exports in 2019. 14 ordinary 8th row rose important has had a success.

Istanbul Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters Association Chairman Ahmet Gulec, Turkey, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico and the list has left behind countries like Romania $ 12 billion of 36 thousand furniture brands, including exporting 12 thousand industry with a production capacity of 500 thousand task areas give information.


The report said that Turkey's export noted that it appeared as 2 billion 864 million dollars in distress, and exporters of different export a portion of the actual number that is written to the $ 3.5 billion, he said.

Güleç emphasized that if the real figure is shown, the difference with Canada in the seventh place with $ 3.7 billion will decrease very much, and that we will approach the sixth place USA with $ 4.7 billion.

Turkish furniture sector, reminiscent of a share of 1.5 per cent of the world furniture market distress, and in 2023 the world's five furniture exporting countries include whether imagine the burial Turkey, the United States in the coming period, China, focusing on countries such as India, logistics systems and the ability to design more He stated that they will accelerate the increase in exports by giving much weight.

"WE ARE EUROPE'S FURNITURE FACTORY" Turkey, which markets its own brands in the world who outsource manufacturing of the furniture sector, is working with the power of branding, on behalf of 180 countries Gulec indicating that the new markets quest next to the export sector as the year of 4 billion dollars and exports complete and that the domestic market as they expect 60 billion worth of sales chart capture .

Turkey, underlining that the European furniture factory Gulec, USA, is the largest customer potential hosts, America and increased exports to Europe and they are aiming to make 3 billion dollars of export to the United States in the short term, he added.

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