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The Winners of Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition Have Been Announced. | FURNTR
The Winners of Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition Have Been Announced.

Istikbal Furniture and Turkey  Design Foundation's this year, "in 2030. Where / How do we work?" with the subject; for the second time was arranged; The winners of the Furnitur International Furniture Design Competition; were announced on 20 January 2021.

While the contest, invites designers, architects, engineers and anyone with the motivation to produce designs that can meet the needs of the new world; the designers "Where and how will we work in 2030?" answering their questions, developed home-office furniture design ideas for the new generation living and working spaces.

Istikbal Furniture and Turkey Design Foundation organized in cooperation, the International Furniture Design Competition winners; 
were announced on January 20, 2021 after the jury meeting held on 16-17 January 2021 date. 350 projects were evaluated in the contest, which invites you to think and design workplaces from home in 2030.

Awarded projects in the competition
First Prize: Fold project with pseudonym 71863
Fatih Koçoğlu, Interior Architect and Product Designer

Second Prize: ON Table project with pseudonym 95564
Gamze Çaparoğlu Kaysı, Interior Architect

Third Prize: NOMI project with the alias 01429
Ahmet Kapıcıoğlu, Interior Architect

First Honorable Mention: FOCUS Chair project with pseudonym 80706
Mert Urhan, Product Designer

Second Honorable Mention: Modo project with pseudonym 10904
Ümit Karaca, Product / UX Designer
İsmail Köse, Designer
Ozan Tan, Designer

Third Honorable Mention: The World in a Tent project with the pseudonym 08152
Ekin Cunbul, Product Designer

Turkey Design Foundation Encouragement Award: 59919 nicknamed Lago project
Hüseyin Aydın, Industrial Product Designer

İrem Nur Demir, Industrial Product Designer

Baran Furkan Baydeniz, Industrial Product Designer

Istikbal Special Award: Teams project nicknamed 20826

İlker Toruk, Industrial Product Designer

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