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The shortage of raw materials in the furniture industry | FURNTR
The shortage of raw materials in the furniture industry

The export of the produced chipboard and MDF 's made it difficult their affairs furniture manufacturers's. Due to the pandemic; worldwide decreasing furniture raw material production and Due to the decrease in Turkey; from abroad heavy demand for raw materials, It caused a shortage of raw materials in the country. Furniture production companies cannot find chipboard, MDF and rubber to produce products due to the fact that the raw material produced domestically is exported.

Because of the epidemic;  of declining raw material production worldwide, the not decrease in Turkey; furniture companies abroad The producers who stated that they got their attention; normally of countries that buy raw materials from different countries He told this reason, the orientation to Turkey. of production facilities Instead of domestic from abroad to raw material demand giving priority, caused a shortage of raw materials in the country.

Turkey's Exporting furniture to 179 countries furniture manufacturing company owner Mehmet Bozkurt; with 36 thousand manufacturing companies registered in the country He shared the information that there are 65 thousand workplaces. Stating that more than 100 thousand people from the furniture production sector eat bread, Bozkurt said, “According to the data of 2020, we export around 3.5 billion dollars of furniture annually. At this point, we want new raw material production facilities to be established domestically. With the establishment of new facilities, domestic production will increase even more, ”he said.

Explaining that they had great difficulties in the supply of raw materials, Bozkurt said that they could not access the main materials such as chipboard, MDF and sponge, which are the main raw materials of furniture production. Underlining that the production facilities sell raw materials abroad due to the increase in foreign exchange rates, Bozkurt said, “The domestic market is experiencing great difficulties because of the lack of production. Stores are having trouble giving their customers a delivery date. When people who are going to get married want to buy home furniture, they face the situation of receiving their products after 45 months. Since producers cannot find raw materials, they cannot give products to the domestic market. Since they cannot buy products in stores, they have to attract 'no' to their customers.

After the pandemic bans were lifted, there was an intense demand for furniture. After the demand, a movement started in the market. However, this time, there was a problem because there was no product in the market. When exports are made abroad, they cannot meet the supply of the domestic market. We cannot find raw materials to produce products, ”he said.

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