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The furniture industry is reactive to the credit card installment decision. | FURNTR
The furniture industry is reactive to the credit card installment decision.

MOSDER President Balcı: BRSA should have made decisions according to sector dynamics.
Turkey Furniture Manufacturers' Association, changes in the payment period in response to the decision of BRSA's credit card. MOSDER President Mustafa Balcı said, "As the furniture sector representatives, we were shocked by the news that the installments were reduced to 12 months while waiting for 24 months for furniture purchases. BRSA should take this decision according to the dynamics of the sectors, all sectors should be discussed with the heads of the associations and a joint decision should be taken in consultation. They want to replace old items such as armchairs, furniture and beds, both due to hygienic conditions and because they spend more time at home. The decrease in the number of installments also ties the, our citizens and leaves us unsolved.said

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) 's price of 3 thousand 500 except for, television reception of up to pounds; of electronic goods purchases installment period;  6 from months, to months 4 the, furniture and electrical goods purchases in installment period; 18 from months to months 12 the; for decision to reduce, Turkey Association of Furniture Manufacturers' The reaction statement came from.

The Association made a statement Turkey Furniture Manufacturers on the subject (MOSDER) Chairman Mustafa Balci, He stated that they were surprised that the installments in furniture purchases were reduced from 18 months to 12 months during this period, in which the struggle against the pandemic continues. Balcı said, “In this period when we have only a few days left for us to enter the new year, while we were waiting for more positive steps to be taken on behalf of the sector, new good news, support packages and such news, in furniture purchases number of installment were reduced from 18 months to 12 months. We hope that this decision will be taken back by considering the purchasing power of both the manufacturer, seller and the consumer ”.

Mustafa Balcı also said, “In these days when the Covid-19 epidemic has peaked again with the autumn period, we strictly abide by the measures taken by our state. Our stores, where most of the furniture shopping is made, are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Our tradesmen cannot sell. On top of that, we do not find it very correct to reduce the number of installments in this period ”.


Balcı said, "Our sector, which had a sales target of 60 billion TL in the country when we entered 2020, entered the year with the good news of a VAT discount. However, we did not see the effects of the VAT discount on the domestic market due to the pandemic. We have prepared loan support packages. We hope to enter the year 2021. Despite the difficulties in accessing raw materials from abroad, which our industry has experienced recently, we are trying to continue our production without interruption. "If we make 12-month installments instead of months, our citizens will retreat to their shell and postpone their shopping preferences. In this direction, our furniture retailing, which has a lot of expenses, may enter a narrow throat in the domestic market."

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