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The coronavirus outbreak increased demand for prefabricated and small wooden houses. | FURNTR
The coronavirus outbreak increased demand for prefabricated and small wooden houses.

Citizens, who could not leave their homes in the city centers for a long time due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, turned to prefabricated and small wooden houses for a life in nature.
The new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic increased interest in natural life away from city centers, while increasing demand for wooden and prefabricated houses.

In the company he founded with his wife in Sakarya, Yusuf Yılmaz, who produces small houses called "tiny house",  In a statement to the AA reporter, small house trend Since last year actually began to see that interest in Turkey, but said that after the outbreak of coronavirus showed a significant increase in demand, "At the moment demand a lot, we get about 30 phones per day about it. From every region of Turkey but generally Aegean Mugla, Fethiye, We take orders from Şile side and Kırklareli in Istanbul region. ” said.

Yusuf Yılmaz said that besides the coronavirus, social media channels such as American-made documentaries and Instagram are influential in the spread of small houses preferred because they offer a minimal and ecological life in nature, and the publications in these channels encourage life in nature.

36 square meter houses are being built for the nuclear family
Stating that life starts from 36 square meters in such houses, 
Yılmaz said, “These are a home for a nuclear family where parents and a child can easily stay. In a house there is everything it should be. We put everything in the kitchenware, from the refrigerator to the washing machine, from the dishwasher to the oven. ” he spoke. 

Stating that they made a house ready to live in 40 days after the agreement was reached and delivered, Yılmaz said that these houses can be moved to the desired place by obtaining an O2 certificate.

In homes that can withstand many years to seasonal conditions in Turkey Yusuf Yilmaz explained that they use imported Siberian pine; "We have been carpenters since our father and grand father. These are completely hand made, there is nothing fabricated. Everything from the kitchen cabinets to the window to the roof is completely in our hands. All are 100 percent wood. ” used expressions.

It costs 105 thousand pounds
Yılmaz said that small houses are also safe in terms of earthquakes and they do not use concrete in houses, including the basic. Explaining that the materials they use are sprayed against pests, Yılmaz said that these houses can be used for at least 35 years if they are regularly maintained.

Yusuf Yılmaz stated that a 36 square meter small house costs 105 thousand TL if the products they recommend are used.

Sales increased
In Istanbul Pendik; prefabricated, producing steel and container living houses Levent Songelen also sales after the epidemic, stating that it has increased compared to last year; "We get calls all over much of Turkey from Edirne to Kars. They are included in the price and demand information for people to make their home land outside the city." said.

85 square meters houses are in demand
Expressing that 85 square meter prefabricated houses are generally requested, Levent Songelen stated that they designed these houses as two rooms and a living room.

Explaining that a 85 square meter prefabricated house is sold for 46 thousand 500 TL, Songelen said the following regarding the installation process:

“Before manufacturing to our customer I have given the concrete plan.
Our clients until we make the part we call as the basement we have completed the production. The exit of a 80 square meter house from the factory is five days. Its transportation also belongs to the customer. The remaining vitrified materials, doors, joinery, glass, exterior panels are also included in the price. After our customer poured the concrete, we made 80 percent of the rest. Our customers can put parquet, kitchen cabinets inside, design and sit as they do in reinforced concrete houses as they wish. Installation of the 85 square meter house including the paint is completed in 5-6 days. ”

Stating that these materials are used for the houses they sell, hospitals and schools are constructed, Songelen said that it is sufficient to regularly paint the exterior of the house every 2-3 years for maintenance.

Attention to opportunists
Levent Songelen with demand increase in prefabricated houses mentioning that some companies sell products at exorbitant prices,
“There are companies that turn this into an opportunity and sell it more expensive by saying 'my material is beautiful'. But there is no need, because the prefabs are 90% the system the same. But as I said, they increase prices when demand increases. ” warned.   13 June 2020

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