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Syrian carvers added mobility to the Turkish furniture industry. | FURNTR
Syrian carvers added mobility to the Turkish furniture industry.

In Adana furniture industry Turkey's classic furniture need meets 90 percent; in need professional workforce, he found it in Syrians. Muhammed Cemal Masri, who made a carving art in Syria and produced a classical furniture frame, but fled 7 years ago due to the civil war, continued his business here by opening a shop for him. Masri now sells its classic furniture frameworks domestically and abroad.

Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and jobs because of the civil war that has been going on for years in Syria. Who took refuge in Turkey Some of the Syrians their own business
while we can continue, some of them in other jobs work he had to.
Of these refugees someone also 53 year old engraving artist Muhammed Cemal Masri.

Employs 5 people

Masri; 7 years ago, from Aleppo his wife and 3 children taking and running He took refuge in Turkey. At first in Mersin; Muhammed Cemal, who works next to a furnisher, In 2014 He came to Adana. Here with the money he saved; who opened a shop on the Furnishers Site. In the this city Turkey's classic furniture need's 90 percent meets; 
 to Turkey's economy contributes.

Masri, which produces classical furniture framework, skeletons produced; Especially Istanbul, Ankara and It sells to the Middle East market. Next to the Syrian furniture maker 2 of them are Turkish, 5 people in total employs.The fact that Syrians produce in Adana and contribute to the economy also pleases the city's furniture makers. Turks and Syrians producing classical furniture are now integrated in Adana, producing according to the demands of customers.

"from their coming to us, we are happy"

Adana Chamber of Carpenters and Furniture Manufacturers Yalçın Avcı stated, stating that there was an acceleration in the workforce when the Syrians came to the country, "When the Syrians first came here, from our people were not accepted, but with the arrival of the Syrians, our workforce accelerated. They contributed to us. "They supported us. They made designs for our tradesmen. Syrian friends are carving very well. Adana is the source of this work. Because it is a place that meets 90 percent of the classical seat skeleton.

"They made a contribution to Adana"

Noting that there is a need for skilled workers, they completed this with the Syrians, Avcı said:

"We had a shortage of potential workers, we completed this with them. Now, we are sending these products to them abroad and abroad more healthily. We are also reflected in our costs. Their being here was able to lower our costs. Because they can work cheaper. All our tradesmen benefited from them. They cause products such as armchairs, bedrooms and dining rooms. There are also artisans. They are not only working as workers. We are trying to evaluate all of them. They also contributed to Adana. "

"The most beautiful country; Turkey"

Open a business, Muhammed Cemal Masri also;
for Turkey stating that you love, "in to Syria  I was doing this job.
1 year After working in Mersin I opened this shop. I'm a designer. I do the art of carving. I like my job. There is a lot of demand from Iraq, Istanbul and Ankara. I love Turkey as well. The most beautiful country; Turkey. No war, comfortable and good job. Some of my workers are Turkish, some of them are Syrian. I currently have 5 workers but if there is density there are more workers." spoke as.

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