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Started to be produced The firstin Turkey domestic and national wooden pallet. | FURNTR
Started to be produced The firstin Turkey domestic and national wooden pallet.

The first domestic wooden pallet which is an important need in Turkey, began to be produced in all of Turkey with TR-PAL brand.  TR-PAL, which is licensed in accordance with TSE-K 590 standards, is produced by companies that are members of the All Wood Pallet Manufacturers Association short name PALDER

Association President Hikmet Yörür said that they have concluded their efforts to reveal a world-class 'domestic and national' wooden pallet brand and production organization; from demanding firms to those whose conditions are suitable for production they started to license told.

Hikmet Yörür said that they applied to the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) to a local and national wooden pallet brand that is valid all over the world. After this application, Hikmet Yörür stated that TSE has been d with 7 different sizes, which are valid all over the world. The TSE-K 590 (Classification of Wooden Pallets and Licensing of Manufacturer Companies) criteria have been d. - We d the PAL brand and registered our brand from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority. For these wooden pallets, TR-PAL brand permission to use  We got it on behalf of our association. and the companies that deserved to obtain a license from our non-profit association started production. 

 Thus valid worldwide our first 'local and national' wooden palette appeared. TR-PAL is a product that is valid all over the world because it is manufactured in accordance with both international TSE-K 590 and international ISPM15 heat treatment standards. ”

TR-PAL has unlimited roaming rights all over the world

PAL-DER President Hikmet YÖRÜR also noted that wooden pallets have a very important place in the logistics system. Stating that the wooden pallets used to facilitate the transportation and storage of the products are valid worldwide, President Yörür emphasized that the most important of these is the 'Heat Treatment' standard called 'ISPM-15'. Hikmet Yörür said that the dimensions of wood pallets, the type of wood used, the humidity and the nails used are worldwide standards. 

"mainly EU countries including, in many countries; wooden pallets are produced in these standards. Unfortunately in our country so farproductions in these standards it was only done by foreign organizations.

TSE believed us and on behalf of our country we did a very important job together. In this process at TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) gave us important support. so far in Turkey our domestic brand of wooden pallets and we did not have a local production organization. As PAL-DER, With TR-PAL we took the first and most important step in this regard. Finally having worldwide standards, one hundred percent domestic and national TR-PAL, started to be manufactured by our licensed manufacturers. "

TSE will carry out the inspection

Hikmet Yörür, With TR-PAL Brand With license granted by PAL-DER; mainly 80x120cm, 120x80cm, 100x120cm, 120x100cm  including in the measures, 7 different sizes He stated that,  wooden pallet was produced. President Yörür said, "These pallets will be subjected to heat treatment.

President Yörür said, "These pallets will be heat treated. 
Moisture , strength, wood and wedge thicknesses by independent auditors be subject to informed / unannounced auditing.
Producers whose audits are concluded will be able to release wooden pallets to the market under license. Our national conformity assessment body; by TSE, conducting inspections; of the domestic wooden pallet As in the standard preparation process, it will add awareness to us.

Quality assurance of TR-PAL,
will be provided with effective inspections to our producers that we will license.
thus, our products are both in the domestic market as well as export products, it will be used safely and it will be more economical. "

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