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Samet increased its capacity, will establish a facility in India. | FURNTR
Samet increased its capacity, will establish a facility in India.

Samet, which has a history of 47 years in the furniture accessories industry, made important moves in order to meet the intense demands from the domestic market during the pandemic period. In this period, the company increased its capacity in Master Brake Hinge product approximately 2.5 times in one year. the company is prepared to establish a plant in India, it is aiming to capture its turnover in Turkey in 10 years. 

Samet, which is among the top 10 manufacturers in the furniture and accessories sector in the world with its R&D and value added productions, exports to 100 countries. The company, which started its activities in a 70 square meter shop at the first stage, continues its production in Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy on 80 thousand square meters. However, in line with the demands from the market, the company has taken new investments in both export and domestic market into its agenda. During the pandemic, furniture replacement or additional furniture purchase increased significantly in all countries. Underlining that they have made investments to increase capacity in order to meet this demand, Samet Chairman of the Board Saldıray Kızıltan said, “As Samet, we have assumed an important responsibility to meet this increasing demand and help furniture manufacturers. In the braked hinge category, we increased the capacity of our Master Brake Hinge product by 2.5 times in one year. A significant part of this investment has been completed and commissioned. With the launch of the last remaining section in the first quarter of 2021 and our new product in this category, our production capacity of braked hinges will increase to 10 million units per month. We would like to state that we will instantly meet the demands of all our producers working with us in the world, primarily our Turkish producers. We have completed our investments in rail systems, which is our other important product group for Samet, and we are currently able to offer their products to every business partner without waiting”.

Kızıltan said that they invest an average of 5 to 6 million dollars each year in various fields. Underlining that they continued their export activities during the pandemic period, Kızıltan noted that they attach importance to strategic partnerships in countries such as the USA, Portugal, Egypt, India, Russia, Poland, Colombia and China. Stating that there are not many domestic producers in office furniture, especially in India, and they have taken action by seeing the gap here, Kızıltan said, “We will invest in establishing a production facility in New Delhi, the capital of India. The amount of the investment we will make will be 1.5 million dollars in the first place ”.

Up to 10 years, aims to reach a turnover volume obtained from Turkey.

In the short and medium term will increase the diversity of products, depending on the investments to be made in India expressing Kızıltan,
“Up to 10 years, from the region; At least; from Turkey as much as the income we provide, we plan to make a profit. In this context, the Indian market has a serious potential ”. On the other hand, Saldıray Kızıltan, who explained that they will open to the American market, said, “We signed an agreement with the most established company of the USA in the field of furniture for the sale and marketing of our products. With this opening, we want to make a sound in the USA. The company also made an offer to establish a production facility in the USA. They said that they have a factory ready for investment in Michigan state, ”he said. Underlining that 25 percent of their turnover consists of export inputs, Kızıltan said, “Two years ago, we exported 14 million dollars. This figure increased to 25 million dollars in 2020. Our 2021 target was 30 million dollars ”.

It will make an additional capacity investment of 40 thousand square meters

Stating that there are more than 5 thousand products in their portfolio, Kızıltan stated that they employ 1000 employees and 30 employees work abroad. Stating that they are currently operating on 80 thousand square meters, Kızıltan said, "We are working on increasing our factory to 120 thousand square meters". Stating that they aim to increase their usage areas by adding new carrying capacities and cheek heights to their drawer systems products in 2021, Kızıltan said, “Also, with the addition of our Multi Mech product in the lift-up cover category, we can say that 2021 will be the year of the kitchen / bathroom category for us”.

Drawing attention to the fact that they left many European players behind in the market with their investments, Samet Vice Chairman and CEO Ufuk Kızıltan said, “We have left our Italian competitors behind in the market right now. With an investment of 30 million Euros that we will make in the short term, we want to rapidly activate our innovative product and facility investments in this field.

It developing products for target markets.
On the other hand, explaining that they develop products for target markets, Ufuk Kızıltan said, “Our ability to develop unique products in the countries we export to is effective in our preference in these markets. The Turkish furniture industry should also make improvements in this direction ”. On the other hand, Kızıltan explained that some companies are working on native products to MDF in terms of R&D studies and they have made demands for furniture accessories compatible with these products. . Currently, we have started our R&D studies. According to the course of the industry, companies also need to shape themselves ”. Giving information about the products with high added value in their investment studies, Kızıltan said: “Our products that stand out in l-cheeked drawer systems are Flowbox and Alphabox Drawer Systems, as well as Solo-Mech, Multi- Mech lift gate systems are among the most important outputs of our R&D studies. Our developments in this direction will continue in 2021, ”he said.

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