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Record store sales of 65 million in Kumsmall AVM. | FURNTR
Record store sales of 65 million in Kumsmall AVM.

22 stores in KUMSMALL Shopping Mall, which were constructed by TOKI and built by Erciyes Small Industrial Site Building Cooperative, became the focus of investors.

22 stores in KUMSMALL Shopping Mall, whose constructions were designed by Erciyes Small Industrial Site Building Cooperative and realized by TOKI, became the focus of investors. With the sale, the occupancy rate in the shopping mall increased above 90 percent. 
and offered for sale, by TOKI Real Estate Management with a term of 10% upfront - 120 months, Erciyes KSS Furniture in Kent; Workplaces, found their new owners with high participation. 

With the 2-hour auction, 22 workplaces were sold with prices starting from 1 million 64 thousand TL and an income of 64 million 962 thousand 400 TL was obtained. Ercan Sarıkaya, Chairman of the Board of Erciyes Küçük Sanayi Sitesi Building Cooperative, who made a speech in the tender; "KUMSMALL SHOPPING MALL, which is the last link of our projects that we started in order to ensure that Kayseri furniture gets more shares in wholesale and retail in the country and abroad, opened on 29 October, in short period of time, by our people and the furniture sector, became very attracted attention and favored.
in this is the cooperative We preferred to sell by auctions instead of registering members to stores.

Like 35 thousand TL per square meter, finding record prices, We have  happened stores; which means that if the right projects are done, economic crises and the pandemic environment we are in, even do not affect.
In KUMSMALL AVM; showcasing our furniture; at home and abroad
for wholesale and retail marketing, it is a very correct project.

due to cancellation of furniture fairs; by serving the industry as a permanent fairground 365 days a year, by attracting European and Middle Eastern customers, especially those from china severed;  we aim to turn the pandemic threat into an opportunity. Turkey's and Europe's largest shopping center title, holding KUMSMALL Mall, the furniture sector will be the new meeting point and will set new trends in furniture, "he said. President Sarikaya, thanking the people and companies involved in the tender. Found the best wishes.

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