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Parks are calling you; Listen to the fun, say hello to adventure and social life. | FURNTR
Parks are calling you; Listen to the fun, say hello to adventure and social life.

Cemer Kent Equipment, established in Izmir by Fuat Eroğlu, who was born in Zigana Village of Torul district of Gümüşhane, invites children and adults under threat of obesity to adventure games. 

When discussing the parks in Turkey, one of the first names that come to mind Cemer A.Ş. rope trails, jumping and climbing towers, and like zipline, with parking equipment that will attract everyone's attention from 7 to 70 he realized a first in Turkey.

Which produces game groups, starring with pleasure of children; Cemer A.Ş. Vice Chairman of the Board Melek Eroğlu; As Cemer, stating that they bring to Turkey, the international reddot design award. He said that they achieved another first in the sector with this award.

Eroğlu said that they invite adults as well as children to leave their computers and spend time in the parks and be healthy. Melek Eroğlu stated that Cemer A.Ş., which started its activities in 1994 to produce urban products against obesity, realized the deficiencies and turned towards the production of playgrounds; "We have learned from the researches,  we have that they were not satisfied the new generations are no longer only swing or slide-style play groups. Our children have begun to focus on technological products, spend more time on the computer or on the screen. We also have health problems such as obesity. We started to think about how we can get out and pull them into the parks and how we can improve their socialization and hand, eye, brain coordination. We decided to channel our designs in this direction. We have developed electronic concepts for technology-sensitive children that are similar to computer games they can play on the move. We aim to attract everyone living in the city to parks with adventure parks. ”From 7 to 70 everyone is in the park... From 7 to 70, Eroğlu noted that“ We need this adventure, so that everyone needs areas where they can spend time, have fun and socialize. We started to provide with parks. 

Adventure parks; jumping towers, ziplines, rope trails and mountain sleds are the areas that contain various exciting activities that are used all over the world.  in some of our provinces in Turkey were the pioneers in this regard and established adventure parks. The high demand of the public shows that we can see everyone from 7 to 70 in the parks in the coming period. ”Our priority is compliance with the standards. As Cemer A.Ş.; while making production for everyone using the city, we prioritize the safety factor. Therefore, we attach importance to domestic and international standards. He has been telling the importance of standards since the day we started production and we have been trying to pioneer the whole sector in terms of compliance with the standards.

A first in the industry:
Red Dot Design Award, apart from compliance with quality and standards, that they attach special importance to new generation designs saying Eroğlu, "The game is the socialization method for children, is a rehearsal of real life. It is a business in which he develops the forms of behavior that will be necessary in his future life. With the awareness of all this, we have d a wide R&D staff and we are constantly chasing new designs. One of them won us the design award in the Red Dot International Design Competition, where 4815 projects from 53 countries competed in 2014. This shows that the work we have done so far is correct and appropriate.

"We use environmentally friendly energy. 
Melek Eroğlu while serving for today's children; thinking about tomorrow's children and youth; for leave a livable clean world, stating that they act in order, He said that they implemented the environmentally friendly energy project. "For this purpose, we have started our 'Nature Friendly Energy' project and started to obtain half of the electricity we use in production from the sun. Cemer's priority, which has documented its sectoral success with national and international awards in its 22-year history, will always be healthy generations and a clean environment. "

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