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Origin laundering game in furniture accessories | FURNTR
Origin laundering game in furniture accessories

in the Furniture accessories imports, of products from countries subject to dumping duties; changing the origin, to be sent to Turkey through different countries, threatening domestic producers in the market. Although the Ministry of Commerce has taken steps for anti-dumping, the fact that the process takes two years to complete is not a deterrent for the importer. Turkish furniture accessory manufacturers complain about unfair competition due to imported dumped products. 

in the Furniture accessories imports of the products in the countries subject to dumping duties, changing its origin, be sent to Turkey through different countries threatens domestic producers in the market.
Ali Osman Mertöz, Chairman of the Board of Furniture and Accessories Manufacturers Association (MAKSDER), In some countries, the products manufactured by dumping support, through the importing companies to Turkey without dumping duty, through the different countries said he was stung, so that he was in a difficult situation of domestic producers. Furniture accessories subject to dumping tax and generally produced in China; taken to  countries such as Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Greece, Italy and Spain, after processing as produced here,  He noted that He was sent to Turkey.
"From a new country, When Chinese import is detected; The anti-dumping measure of the Ministry of Commerce comes into play. However, the implementation of this measure takes about two years. The system established by the state and the practice of dumping,  that disrupts; determination of firms trying to break it down by a different method, and in favor of domestic manufacturer in this direction taking steps in a short time is our most important expectation,” he said.

Exports per kilogram at $ 4 levels

In the sector; The export value per kilogram is among the most important parameters showing that light in load and heavy production in expense are at the forefront. President Mertöz pointed out that the export per kilogram in the field of furniture accessories is more than $ 4 and said, “We have a goal to rise to a higher rank in the furniture accessories sector globally with value-added productions, patent and utility model works.

Accessories are taking from Turkey

Furniture accessories of America, Canada, England, whether produced in countries such as France, describing Mertöz, "quality furniture manufacturers doing business in the world, a large part of the accessory products are available from Turkey. Turkey has for this aspect of strategic importance to both industry and has an important place in the export business, "he said. Mertöz continued as follows; “China has an important place in the production of furniture accessories in terms of quantity. However, it does not have a brand to appeal to the world. 

furniture accessories manufacturers in Turkey; It is in a more advantageous position against Chinese manufacturers with its attractive prices, standing behind the manufactured product, acting fast on delivery and its solution-oriented approach. "

We take the risk of foreign currency

Pointing out that the increase and imbalances in raw material prices negatively affected the profitability of both investment and the sector, Ali Osman Mertöz said, “We were buying DKP sheet for 600 dollars in January 2020. In January 2021; this figure went up to $ 1000. We were buying galvanized sheet at $ 650, the price of this product rose to $ 1050. Aluminum was 1772 dollars, now we are getting it for 2000 dollars. Our industry is facing a serious price increase in ABS plastic raw materials, the value of this product has increased from 1550 dollars to 3200 dollars. Wire prices increased from $ 530 to $ 860. Despite all these price increases, we continue our production by taking the exchange rate risk ”.

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