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Gündoğdu Furniture is on an export attack with its new brand | FURNTR
Gündoğdu Furniture is on an export attack with its new brand

In Turkey With 115 stores Carrying out its activities, Gündoğdu Furniture established its new brand ADELLO for wholesale and export. Saying that they also export to Arab countries, Aydın Gündoğdu requested a solution against the embargo application of S. Arabia..

Aydın Gündoğdu, Chairman of the Board of Gündoğdu Furniture, one of the most important production companies in Trabzon, evaluated the developments in his companies and the sector . Gündoğdu, by requesting an urgent solution to Saudi Arabia's embargo application on products of Turkish origin; “We have received very serious complaints from business people. The embargo affects the country's economy a lot. Our business people expect clear explanations on this matter. We export a lot of furniture to Arab countries via Dubai. We have a large number of orders to go to this region. "If the embargo is applied, we will keep these products," he said.

Turkey across the Saying that they have 9 factories, Gündoğdu,
 “We have 115 stores. Our production area reached 200 thousand square meters. “We employ a total of 1,400 people”. Saying that they did not fire any workers during the pandemic period, Gündoğdu said, “Our state applied incentives for our workers who could not work. That's why we didn't have a lot of losses. We continued to strengthen our production and purchase our raw materials. "Our business is very busy for the last 15 days due to the accumulated demand in the domestic and foreign markets."

Underlining that the target markets for exports are the Middle East, Balkans and African countries, Gündoğdu said, “Before the pandemic, our biggest problem was VAT. Our state has also reduced the VAT to 8%. Now the state is doing everything it can and we will work harder and generate taxes. The sector is open because all Middle Eastern, Balkans and African countries show great interest in our products ”.

It aims to bring ADELLO to Gündoğdu level in 5 years

Aydın Gundogdu , noting that they want to spread to all regions of Turkey, "Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia's currently our wholesale.  Instead of opening a store, we wanted to a brand and be in regions where we do not have a store, so we wanted to export and this year we d a new brand called ADELLO. We introduced ADELLO at the Istanbul Fair and now we export through it. ADELLO's work had stopped a little during the pandemic period, but now it has started again. We export to Middle East and European countries. The difference of ADELLO from Gündoğdu Furniture is that it does not sell retail, but is wholesale and exports abroad. We aim to bring ADELLO to the size of Gündoğdu Furniture within 5 years. Since ADELLO will only have production, the number of employees will be 1/3 of Gündoğdu Furniture. With ADELLO, we will achieve the same turnover with fewer steps. We invested in a 70 decare land in İnegöl. "We have reserved 7 thousand square meters of our factory in İnegöl for ADELLO."

"Iranian and Iraqi traders will not leave trees"

Touching on the problems of the sector, Gündoğdu said, “There are many joinery workshops in Trabzon. They ship the tree raw without taking over 90 percent added value. They buy the tree from the forest with the tender, mow it, dry it and sell it. Especially beech trees go to Iran and Iraq. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry needs to take this situation under control. This trend is hurting our forests. How fast the cuts have been, it is also necessary to find out. This is a very serious issue. We will process the tree in a long time, but if the main raw material of the tree is sent in this way, there will be no trees for future periods. The state has to take over this situation. Both our tree is going and we are wearing out financially. There are 30-40 trucks in the Organized Industrial Zone and they are always scanning the Eastern Black Sea. With the support of some local people, Iraqi and Iranian traders buy forests from here. The numerical data of the tree we produced and the tree purchased from it should be examined. There is an imbalance here. "We use alder, poplar and beech, and we supply them through the businesses we are in." 

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