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Furniture industry wants inventory support | FURNTR
Furniture industry wants inventory support

Furniture Industry Businessmen Association President Nuri Gürcan said, "We continue our productions as all sector players so that the wheels do not stop. If we receive stock support, the industry earn a living itself for 3-5 months. Rent payments need to be postponed."

Nuri Gürcan, Chairman of Furniture Industry Businessmen Association (MOBSAD), stating that they continue their production and stock work as all sector players in order to prevent the wheels from stopping, "If we get stock support; the industry to itself sustain for 3-5 months." 
used expressions.

Gürcan, whose views were given in the statement made by MOBSAD, stated that when stores are included in the furniture sector, there are 65 thousand workplaces and the sector employs 200 thousand people directly.

Noting that there are 10 thousand exporters and 36 thousand producers in the sector, Gürcan said that in this sense, the furniture sector, which is one of the leading sectors in the last period; has made a good start with the reduction of VAT to 8 percent in 2020, and has made important business connections with the IMOB fair in January. he said.

Gürcan stated that there was a 15 percent growth in January-February, while the situation changed after the coronavirus epidemic. Gürcan, "Our sector will decrease 30 percent in March and 50-60 percent in April. We are continuing our production as all sector players so that the wheels do not stop." gave informations.

Nuri Gürcan noted that they are one of the sectors that took the first precautions, all employees were measured with a fever meter, social distance was at the highest level, and all measures such as hygiene, mask and gloves were taken.

Expressing that the banks do not use loans, Gürcan stated that the orders must come in order for the wheels to turn, "We are working on stock. But we need financing to pay for the stock; and the industry sustain itself for 3-5 months, if we receive stock support."  found in the assessment.

Noting that although there are serious problems in the supply chain, these are not problems that cannot be overcome, Gürcan said:

"Especially in the retail part, rent payments must be postponed. Our government has prevented enforcement proceedings, but of course, the companies have serious investments here. You cannot close your store at once because there are too many decoration investments in the furniture sector. There are serious disputes with some owners. and if the rents are postponed for 3-6 months, it will benefit our industry. The sector, which gives a foreign trade surplus of 3 billion dollars, will probably relax in June as life gradually returns to normal. "

While Gürcan stated that they focused on how China could evaluate the markets to lose in this process, he emphasized of domestic production in raw material gaining weight emphasized that it is important.      26 April 2020

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