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Furniture industry compensates for its losses. | FURNTR
Furniture industry compensates for its losses.

Furniture industry compensates for its losses.

Furniture sector has increased its target in the new period. The sector, which ranks 12th in the world in exports, aims to increase to the top 5 in 2023. Sector representatives also state that the VAT and support package stimulates furniture demand domestically.

The Turkish furniture industry is the 12th largest exporter in the world. There are 36 thousand producers in Turkey. 18 thousand of them export.

The furniture industry turned to digital channels and platforms to meet its export target. It aims to reach the world with virtual fairs organized. The losses started to be compensated with VAT discounts and support packages in the country.

The sector's exports in May and April decreased by 50 percent. Wedding shopping was also effective in the mobility in the furniture industry.

Furniture Associations Federation President (MOSFED) Ahmet Güleç said; "We have risen from 23rd to 12th in the world in the last 15 years. Of course this does not satisfy us. We have potential. We have production, our entrepreneur is focused on the world; we want to be among the top 5 furniture exporters in the world."  used expressions.

Gulec continued his words as follows;
One of the largest fairs in the world will be in China. The products of 47 companies will be displayed there. Together with our commercial advisors, we will be at this fair.

VAT discount and support packages
It was a different beauty that this support was accompanied by housing support. Because the people who will buy housing will buy furniture behind. Therefore, there were two elements that complemented one, and our market got active.

We exceeded June very well, our productions started, our shipments started. In June, we increased by 10 percent in the first 23 days compared to the same month of the previous year. Our goal is to increase around 30 percent by the end of the month.

Furntr News Center 28 June 2020

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