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Example of succes from Istikbal Furniture | FURNTR
Example of succes from Istikbal Furniture

Belonging to Erciyes Anadolu Holding, managed by the SDIF,  in the furniture industry by far the leading institution Istikbal Furniture,
Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) audits successfully passing, In the process of dealing with Covid-19 infectious disease Qualified for “Safe Production Certificate”.

Istikbal Furniture, about the epidemic process, with the measures it takes, Providing a hygienic working environment and production in all units of the operation site, awareness of the employees during the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19); of high-density environments such as production areas, offices, meeting rooms, elevators, service vehicles, personnel services and dining halls  It received the Safe Production Certificate as a result of TSE inspections 

 İstikbal Furniture; In the furniture sector in Turkey, in all sectors if in Kayseri became the first company to buy Secure Production Document.

In the process of combating coronavirus (Covid-19), expressing that they produce in accordance with hygiene conditions, İstikbal General Manager Mehmet Ali Yörük “To our customers and all our stakeholders in a reliable and hygienic environment, to show that we are producing in accordance with health standards and for to document this We have been working diligently since the first day of the epidemic. In the furniture industry "As the first company to receive the coronavirus (Covid-19) Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate," we continue our leadership in this area as well. "

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