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Elve Mobilya opened its new store in Russia. | FURNTR
Elve Mobilya opened its new store in Russia.

Turkey's numbered Among, luxury furniture manufacturers involved in, Elve Furniture, to the new store's opened in the Russian capital Moscow.

The company, serving in the field of furniture design and special decoration, aims to ensure that its customers in Russia experience the Elve Luxury quality with this breakthrough. Furthermore, due to take place among the world's leading countries in the production of furniture Turkey, where designs emphasizing different viewpoints with serious aims to reveal the quality of the Turkish furniture in Russia.


The company, which combines the avant-garde perspective with luxury and s special collections, is among the world's spoken brands with its stores serving customers in Uzbekistan and Morocco. The company, which reflects luxury in furniture in the best way with its advanced vision and different designed furniture productions, exports to 47 more countries. Besides the production for export, is now with the steps taken on branding, the company aims to acquire Turkey's among the best brands, are among the objectives is to increase the number of stores abroad.


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