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Easterns seating culture cedars, exports to 25 countries. | FURNTR
Easterns seating culture cedars, exports to 25 countries.

A furniture company operating in Suluova district of Amasya exports handcrafted cedars of Ottoman and Turkish culture to 25 countries. The furniture company, operating in the district industrial site, sells handcrafted cedars, produced with Ottoman and Seljuk motifs, to the Gulf countries, Europe and the USA, as well as to the domestic market. Company owner Mehmet Kılıç said, "Especially during the corona virus period, we increased employment for our state to be more efficient for our nation, we accelerated our work. Although modern and classic tables and saldaye sofa sets find their place in stores with new models every year, users prefer cedar to prepare a different design in cafes and restaurants in their homes. Mehmet Kılıç, the owner of the company, stated that people show interest in the cedars they produce at home and especially abroad, and said, “We are trying to pass on cedar production and Ottoman culture to future generations. During the pandemic period, we tried to tend to the issue more in order to contribute to our state by increasing employment. "

Adding that they distribute to all of Europe via the Netherlands, Kılıç said, "We have a distribution warehouse in the Netherlands, we distribute the products we produce first to the Netherlands and then to the whole Europe. Our Turkish citizens there have more tendency to this issue, but Moroccans and Arabs are more. Especially Europeans love our cedar culture very much and they use our products in restaurants, restaurants and lobbies which is a source of pride for us”.

Saying that we blend our culture with today's technology, Ali Kılıç, the sales manager of the firm, said, “Thanks to the skillful hands of these products, these products, which consist of wooden parts, parts of the period, and paint shop parts, can be prepared individually. Our products are adorned with Ottoman and Seljuk motifs and serve people from thousands of kilometers from Amasya Suluova district ”.

Haber Yazarı : Erbay ŞAHİN

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