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Doğtaş Kelebek statement of being in debt | FURNTR
Doğtaş Kelebek statement of being in debt



Doğtaş Kelebek statement of "being in debt"


Doğtaş Kelebek declared a loss of 34.5 million liras in the first six months of the year, and TTK 376 announced after the balance sheets.

Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret (#DGKLB) announced that the company's equity has gone from a record six-month loss to 23 million minus. According to the company's financial results, 34 million 534 thousand losses occurred in the first six of the year. Last year, the same company posted a loss of 25.9 million lira. The loss of the second 3-month holding company was 17.7 million lira. Last year, the second quarter loss was 12.3 million lira. The TTK 376 statement by Doğtaş Kelebek, after what he knew after the shareholders' equity became negative, is as follows:


The financial statements of our company have been submitted in accordance with the CMB regulations dated June 30, 2020. The equity of our company in these financial statements is negative 23.499.824 TL.

The main reason for the capital loss of our company on 30 June 2020 is the financial expense reflected in the income statement and balance sheet.


With the principle of implementation methods and principles for the implementation of Article 376 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, the phrase "Until 1/1/2023, in the calculations in the case of Article 376 of the Law, losses other than those of some born in foreign currencies that have not yet been performed may not be recorded." takes.


According to this, even if the exchange difference expense from banking transactions reflected on the Equity as of June 30, 2020 is 38,618,753 TL, the (real) exchange rate difference expense for the same period is 184,881 TL. In this context, the fair value of the brand values ​​to intangible fixed assets, without the non-performing foreign exchange losses, is actually the CMB's principle decision dated April 10, 2014 and numbered 11/352 (2014/11) Special Purpose Financial Statement (TCC) Balance Sheet 376) has been prepared.


Considering that the total current value of Doğtaş and Kelebek brands of the Company is 91.000.000 TL and the unpaid foreign exchange losses are not taken into account, the equity of the Company is determined as 165.594.107 TL in the balance sheet of the Special Purpose Financial Statement (TCC 376 balance sheet). This amount shows that the Group maintains its paid-in capital of 110,000,000 TL.


What is loss of capital, insolvency?

According to the 376/1 article of the Turkish Commercial Code; Capital Loss is the realization from the last annual balance sheet that half of the total of capital and reserves are unpaid due to LOSS.

According to the 376/2 article of the Turkish Commercial Code; Capital Loss is the realization that, according to the last annual balance sheet, two-thirds of the sum of capital and reserves are unpaid due to LOSS.

As it can be understood from Article 376/1 and 2 of the TCC above, if the capital deficit appearing in the balance sheet reaches certain rates, it is stipulated to close this deficit.


In other words, in order for the measures regarding capital loss to be implemented, the remaining equity from the total assets of the company after the company debts should be less than half or one third of the total of capital and reserves.


The terms of reserve funds in Article 376/1 and Article 2 of the TCC are meant the funds regulated in Article 519 of the TCC; opinions are available.


According to the Provisional Article 1/1 of the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Application of Article 376 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, published in the Official Gazette dated 15 September 2018, 30536, until 1/1/2023, capital loss or debt Foreign currency losses arising from foreign currency liabilities that have not yet been fulfilled may not be taken into account in the calculations regarding insolvency.

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