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Bed and sleep products support from İşbir Yatak to healthcare professionals. | FURNTR
Bed and sleep products support from İşbir Yatak to healthcare professionals.

"Turkey's Bed Expert" İşbir Yatak; to healthcare professionals who spend a lot of time in the fight against coronavirus,  T. C. gave bed and sleep products support through the Ministry of Health.

İşbir Yatak, which is one of the leading brands of the sector in bed and sleep products, supported the national solidarity that brands also participate in combating coronavirus. In this challenging process, he delivered a large number of bed and sleep products to the authorized institutions of the Ministry of Health so that the healthcare professionals who have taken on critical duties can sleep more comfortably and hygienically.

İşbir Bedding CEO; Metin GÜLTEPE : “We all have to take responsibility for waking up to healthy days.”

Stating that he aims to be an example for all the players of the sector with this support, İşbir Bed CEO Metin Gültepe:
 “All the supports made in this process,  the burden of our state on the shoulders, It will alleviate a little. All brands should do their part in this and, for to wake up to healthy days together, should take responsibility. With this support, we once again express our sensitivity to the subject and, we wanted to show an exemplary behavior for all brands. With our products we deliver to the Ministry of Health; our of the healthcare professional's; we want them to sleep comfortably. Thanks to each of them for their efforts, we wish their studies to continue with health. ” made statements.

 Supports, to be continued.

İşbir Bedding, which is in constant communication with the Ministry of Health officials regarding the new needs that may arise, stated that it made its first shipment on 27.03.2020, while other products that have been completed will continue to be shipped step bye step.

Video of applause that gives morale from İşbir bedding staff, to healthcare staff.

İşbir Bedding, which provides the shipment of products produced for use in the field of health, also provided applause morale to healthcare workers with a video of all employees.

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