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Bambi, in consultation with 765 people, developed a special bed for couples | FURNTR
Bambi, in consultation with 765 people, developed a special bed for couples

Bambi Mattress, which revealed that 36 percent of couples regret and 39 percent experienced discomfort due to the mattress choice in her research, developed a bed whose hardness can be adjusted instantly to overcome this problem.

Izmir-based Bambi Mattress, which introduced new products such as a sandy mattress that reduces stress and a borogen mattress that kills bacteria last year, aims to solve the sleep and health problems of couples with the Multi Sleep developed in the new year.

Bambi Mattress Board Member Emre Gökmen, who gave information about the mattress developed according to the results of the survey conducted with 765 people, said that they developed the Multi Sleep Bed designed with Comfort Balance technology to solve the problems experienced by couples with different body structures during sleep.
The double bed is customized

Gokmen stated that with 54 different independent modular cylinders in the design of Multi Sleep, they allow the mattress to be adjusted to the hardness you want whenever you want, and said, “Bambi Mattress, which offers a personal mattress choice in a single mattress with its new generation product, Multi Sleep, is designed especially for couples with different body structures allows couples to adjust the hardness of the mattress according to their wishes regionally. In this way, one of the couples can sleep in a soft bed, while the other can sleep in a harder bed, and there is separate comfort in the same bed. " said.

First example in the world

Stating that they are the only company in the world to do this instantly, Gökmen said, “We offer 27 different options such as hard, extra hard, soft and extra soft. He can direct it to the foot area as he wishes. We are differentiated because we can do this instantly. In terms of price, it is in a budget close to our other beds. " he spoke.

100 thousand production plans

Emre Gökmen said that they aim to produce 100 thousand units of the Multi Sleep, which was designed with the Comfort Balance technology developed by Bambi engineers with an R&D budget of 2.5 million TL. Gökmen announced that they aim to export the product to 20 different countries.

Will open 250 stores

Bambi, which was founded as a family company in 1965, has focused on mattresses in the last 12 years and continues its attack on stores. Emre Gökmen said that they export to more than 20 countries with a daily production capacity of 1500 in their 70 thousand square meter facilities located in Torbalı, Izmir, “Despite all the negativities, we have grown 65 percent in 2020 and exceeded our targets. We increased the employment by 270 and increased it to a team of 720 people. We are currently operating with 500 stores at home and 100 stores abroad. This year, we want to increase to 700 domestic stores and 150 abroad. " said.


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