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ABC Furniture launches its second European expedition | FURNTR
ABC Furniture launches its second European expedition

ABC Furniture, which increased bed sales in Europe with its Hadise advertising campaign, will open 50 new showrooms in Europe.
ABC Mobilya's advertising campaigns with the famous pop star Hadise increased bed sales in Europe. The demand from the Netherlands to distributor ABC Mobilya bed products to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France from a 15,000-square-meter center increased the number of dealers to 380 and increased the current sales by 400 percent. ABC Furniture CEO Burhan Gul said that they will open 50 exlucive showrooms in major European cities within 15 months.

Last year, ABC Furniture opened exclusive showrooms in Vienna, Stuttgart and Paris and increased its retail experience and brand recognition. With the new advertising campaign launched by ABC Furniture, with Hadise is preparing to make a new landing in Europe.

Burhan Gül stated that they are experienced in the European market. “We opened stores in Vienna, Stuttgart, Bucharest and Paris. We have 25 sleep centers in over 100 Romania in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. We produce all the furniture products that a house may need under one roof in our production facilities of 80 thousand square meters with the highest technology and fully integrated. Now we will meet the European consumer with our exclusive showrooms. We evaluate incoming requests. Our goal is to open a showroom in every city in the long run. ”

ABC Furniture CEO Burhan Gül stated that they are not behind any European competitors in quality and production standardization and they are superior to many in terms of machine park and technology. , Furniture is a labor-intensive sector. There is no manufacturer in the world that we cannot compete with our skillful course and quality workforce. We have the most modern bed production line in the world. We produce at world standards. We have a process that can produce 1 bed per minute. Not only the Turks but also Europe's own citizens are satisfied with the quality of our products and use them with appreciation. ”

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