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A record is aimed in the Libyan market, which has revived in furniture exports. | FURNTR
A record is aimed in the Libyan market, which has revived in furniture exports.

Furniture Industry Businessmen Association (MOBSAD) President Nuri Gürcan stated that they will be able to break the all-time record in furniture exports to Libya with 250 million dollars this year and said, " as the current economic relations continue to develop, Our goal is by 2023 to reach 500 million dollars." said.
Indicating that furniture exports to Libya have revived in recent years, sector representatives aim to break a record this year and reach $ 500 million in exports in a short time thanks to the relations between the two countries. MOBSAD President Nuri Gürcan, AA said in a statement to reporters on the subject, which took place recently between Turkey and Libya was talking about the positive developments.

Turkey's exports to these countries in recent years that the recovery of decline after 2013 and now voicing Gürcan increase last year, said he approached in 2018 by a 27 percent increase to $ 2 billion figure. Reminding that Libya was the second largest market for Turkish furniture exports until 2015, Gürcan continued his words as follows:

"To date, our highest export to the country in question was 240 million dollars in 2013. Libya, which declined in the following years, ped to the eighth place among the countries with which we export the highest. However, in recent years, recovery has started again. last year, it reached $ 201 million with an increase of 70.3 percent. We approached the 2013 figures, which we saw the historical summit. This is very important for our industry. "

MOBSAD President Gürcan stated that the average kilogram value in furniture exports is 2.75 dollars, and that the average kilogram value is 1.7 dollars due to the low purchasing power in Libya.

Emphasizing that the Libyan market is very important for them, although the kilogram value has decreased, Gürcan made the following statements:
"Economic relations are also developing in parallel with bilateral relations with Libya. Our 2020 expectation in exports is to break the all-time record with 250 million dollars despite the pandemic. Our first goal for the coming period is to reach 500 million dollars in furniture exports by 2023 as the current economic relations continue to develop. The initiation of 184 projects worth $ 16 billion in fields such as education, health and infrastructure and the fact that Turkish contractors take projects again in this country will contribute to our export targets. "

MODOKO Board Chairman Koray Çalışkan said that the furniture industry has increased its exports by 22 times since the early 2000s, the number of companies exporting $ 1 million and more has increased from 32 to 600 and it is aimed to reach 6 thousand by 2023.

Stating that the industry concentrates on digitalization to increase exports with the pandemic process, activities such as virtual fairs and online B2B meetings are held, Çalışkan stated that furniture is exported to 179 countries.
Çalışkan stated that the sector, which is preparing to close the year with 4 billion dollars of exports, has achieved a rapid recovery in the Libyan market.
"Our contractors' re-gaining weight in the Libyan market will also revitalize our sector. In addition to the indispensable elements such as kitchens and doors to the houses to be built here, the export of the other items such as living room and bedroom will increase. The furniture industry, which is one of our biggest markets next to us, has the power to increase our exports.


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