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315 million TL production facility investment from BETA Kimya | FURNTR
315 million TL production facility investment from BETA Kimya


315 million TL production facility investment from BETA Kimya


BETA Chemistry A., One of the most established chemical companies in Turkey., Laid the foundation of the largest adhesive and glue manufacturing plant in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Beta chemistry groundbreaking ceremony at gebkim campus, T. C. Minister of industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Chairman of the board of TIM Ismail Gülle, BETA Kimya A. P. Chairman Adil Pelister and BETA Chemistry A. P. The chief executive was joined by jihadi counter.


BETA Kimya Gebkim campus, which is preparing to become a high-tech new generation adhesive production base to be produced for the first time in the Turkish chemical sector with a local and national investment price of 315 million TL, will provide employment by the enterprise with an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons for 500 people.


BETA Kimya A. designed with digital transformation in the industry and infrastructure fully compatible with Yesil building technology with LEED certification P. BETA Kimya Gebkim campus, the new integrated manufacturing facility, will offer one hundred percent domestic and national innovative products for use in many strategic sectors such as automotive, defense and aerospace.


Pelister: "BETA Kimya Gebkim campus is a product of our vision of creating high added value”


Beta chemistry gebkim campus with the chemical sector and the Turkish industry will gain a new value stating BETA Chemistry A. P. "BETA Kimya has been focused on growing, producing and always creating high added value for 34 years," said Adil Pelister, Chairman of the board. With our Apel and Mitreapel brands, with covid - 19 pandemic, we managed to become a large industrial family exporting to 75 countries on 5 continents with about 150 products in 9 different categories that touch many areas of life, from furniture to automotive, textiles to construction and even health. Today, Beta Kimya Gebkim campus, where we laid the foundations, is a product of our excitement to high added value. Our new integrated facility, which has one hundred percent domestic and equity capital and will be commissioned with an investment price of 315 million TL, will be the largest adhesive and glue production facility in the Middle East and Eastern Europe." said.


Pelister "" we will employ 500 people and step into 5 new product categories”


Sectors chemistry internal innovative products Turkey's strategic focus and quietly our new integrated facility will have an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons, and we will get more than 500 people in 5 Steps and a new product category with high added value will provide employment fair Pelister, “with beta gebkim campus. Our LEED certified, environmentally friendly Yesil building technology production campus, a giant integrated production facility with a closed area of 35 thousand square meters, will be one of the most modern chemical plants not only in our country but also in the near geography, based on 50 thousand square meters. We are proud to have signed one of the best examples of the Digital Transformation Movement in the industry, a step that our state and ministries expect from us, which will add value to our country and the chemical sector. From today, we will be ready for the digital production technologies of the future with our new production facility, which we will operate next year." said.


Counter: "for the first time we will produce a new generation of pure hotmelt adhesives domestically”


Stating that they are among the 250 companies that invest the most in Turkey in R & D and always focus on innovative products, BETA Kimya A. P. Cihat counter, General Manager, beta Kimya Gebkim campus with the Turkish chemical sector and digital transformation principles are signing for the project of a modern integrated production facility of great importance for full compliance, " he said. As BETA Kimya, we have been working with R & D and innovation for 34 years and devote ourselves to developing high-tech products. We are also signing an important investment move for R & D in our new integrated facility. We are preparing to expand our innovation base, consisting of Turkish engineers with R & D center certification, exactly 7 times. With a R & D team of 50 people, we will step into pure Hotmelt products with new MS technology adhesives soaked with silane and for the first time will be produced entirely locally. We will carry BETA Kimya into the future with a new generation of innovative products that we will develop, especially for sectors of national strategic importance, such as automotive, packaging, construction and furniture, as well as defense and aerospace.”

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