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Vanguard Furniture Launches 3D Visualizer | FURNTR
Vanguard Furniture Launches 3D Visualizer

Vanguard Furniture announced that it is employing artificial intelligence to aid in the creation of true custom home furnishings. Vanguard pioneered the visualization of fabric to frame in the ‘90s and has now perfected the technology for visualizing custom case goods.

Andy Bray, Vanguard’s president noted, “the process has been evolutionary. We have offered 2D images for some time but can now render a three-dimensional lifelike drawing that can be rotated on any axis, creating the illusion of depth. The big leap in technology was to make the image dynamic rather than static. It allows the user to experiment with finishes – including combination finishes – hardware and the plethora of options that only Vanguard provides.”

Laura White, Vice President of Marketing and Creative spearheaded the implementation. She said, “Our biggest challenge was to make this technology intuitive: Refreshing the design, tweaking buttons and tools to make it inviting instead of intimidating. No one cares how the watch works — they just want to be able to easily tell time. This tool brings out the designer in all of us, by helping us to visualize our creation in three dimensions on the fly.”

When asked what makes this technology different and better than other solutions, Intiaro CEO Paweł Ciach replied, “We use a revolutionary combination of the latest advances in CGI hardware and our own unique Intiaro 3D Cloud platform technology. Our expertise captures cloud based, virtual 3D 360° photography product by tracing individual rays of light.  This allows us to produce photorealistic 360° visualizations in a matter of seconds. The key benefit of this technology is that on top of providing fantastic visualization experience and great flexibility when managing the product life cycle, the total cost of ownership is radically lower than traditional photography or traditional 3D rendering services offered on the market today.” 

Bray added, “everyone thinks they can visualize, but our individual imaginations problems. For example, if I told a room full of designers to imagine an 8-piece sectional with T cushions on the ends in a grey fabric, we can all envision something in our minds. But none of us has the exact same visualization. This tool allows for a universal visual language so that every designer gets exactly what was imagined.”

White continued, “There are other advantages too. Our pricing configurator determines the cost of each option as it is added. It knows when an option just won’t work.  It allows a designer the ability to 24/7 without having to talk to anyone and be assured the pricing is correct. Furthermore, a 3D rendering can be sent to a client to ensure that they are on the same page.”

Bray concluded, “This technology ties directly into our overall strategy.  Our homes are the ultimate canvas of self-expression.  Vanguard’s design philosophy is collaborative. No one has a monopoly on great design. It is personal and subjective. We allow the end consumer and the professional interior designer to their own case from the palette of materials and options we provide. I never cease to be amazed by the creativity and design chops of our customers. What differentiates us is the vast number of options we offer, and our know-how and ability to craft these creations efficiently one at a time.”

Vanguard was the innovator of configurable casegoods and the first to have 2D casegoods visualization technology.  It’s highly successful “Make it Yours Collection” originally offering bedroom cases now includes vanities as well as occasional, lifestyle and home office cases.  This 3D technology is a useful enhancement to what is already the leading solution.

Vanguard will roll out the 3D visualizer for its MIY bedroom program in June 2020. Eventually all customizable products will be available.  It will have a version on its public facing website without pricing, but all dealers will see pricing when they use the visualizer in conjunction with the pricing configurator.      06 June 2020

News Writer : Çetin KAYA

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