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They designed classroom furniture to help children concentrate | FURNTR
They designed classroom furniture to help children concentrate

A group of students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts visited a school and designed new classroom furniture to suit changing needs.

A group of students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts designed a furniture collection to help keep the students distracted during class. The Classroom project took part in the Stockholm Furniture Fair as part of the annual design week in the city.

Classes in Denmark are larger than before and children need to stay in school longer. With this in mind, nine students set out to design new classroom furniture. Design students have designed a range of furniture, from soft chairs that help keep the attention of the student in the classroom to tables and chairs that can be adjusted to the student's height.

Gunilla Dueholm Persson, one of the students in the project, told Dezeen, “This project is about‘ class ‘. We visited a school and watched what was happening on an ordinary day. In terms of ergonomics, we observed the learning efficiency of the students while using different types of furniture. A lot of different projects emerged. Etti

Some of the students chose to do a project where they focused on native seating solutions.

For example, one of the furniture called Alert (Attention) was developed to ensure that the body is active while the student is sitting. 

The Log stool, designed by Dueholm Persson,  is made of a light, soft foam, so the student can easily lift it and place it anywhere in the classroom. In another chair designed by another student, the seat can be turned into a backrest or backrest into a seating. The collection also includes a chair that allows the student to sit in various positions.

Other students involved in the project chose to design table and chair combinations. Caroline Rievers and Hans-Christian Bach, for example, designed a chair and table that could be adjusted to them, considering the fact that children were growing up fast or not all children were the same size. The student named Magnus Lyng tried a similar concept and designed a furniture with a table adjacent to the table, where both the table and the chair could be used at different heights. Jasper Vangsgaard set out with the idea of ​​hayal rethinking the desk yeniden and designed a desk with storage that the student could adjust to his or her own will.

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