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Sampofu wants factories for school furniture | FURNTR
Sampofu wants factories for school furniture

ZAMBEZI regional governor Lawrence Sampofu has urged the business community to set up factories that will manufacture school furniture to address the current shortage experienced at schools.

He made this call on Thursday at Mavuluma Combined School in Katim Mulilo , during the handing over of the school furniture donated by the attorney general Albert Kawana. 

Kawana donated ten desk and twenty chairs to Mavuluma Combined School.

Sampofu said it was high time Namibians take charge of their own resources by legally turning the abundant timber in the region into finished products.

''We are now challenging the youth and the business people to put up factories to manufacture school furniture. This timber is being taken away by the Chinese leaving us with nothing, so it now time that we take care of our timber. For how long are we going to take from our own pockets and buy furniture,'' he said.

The school's principal, Davis Mubonenwa noted that there are about 954 learners at the school, with 20 classes accommodating an average of 45 to 58 learners. The school has been upgraded to a combined school last year and has grades 0 to 9.

'' We have been suffering with furniture for the learners for long now. Our learners have been coming to school with their own chairs from home to come and use them. However, today one challenge has been addressed by the son of the soil Hon Albert Kawana, who decided to use his personal money to buy furniture for us. We want to thank him for his donation and let him now that we will take care of this furniture,'' he said.

He further noted that they also face a shortage of administration block, and toilet facilities for the teachers. There is also a shortage toilets for learners as we only have two toilets for 459 boys and five toilets 486 girls.

Mubonenwa further noted that despite the challenges, they strive to achieve the regional target of maintaining 65% pass rate. In 2014 they got 95%, 2015 (71%), 2016(83%), 2017 (86%) and 2018 (86,1%).

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