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Mountain Grove furniture company to pay back over 1,400 customers after lawsuit | FURNTR
Mountain Grove furniture company to pay back over 1,400 customers after lawsuit

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo.- Rough Country Rustic has been ordered to pay nearly $1.2 million in restitution after being sued by Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

The Better Business Bureau reports that the company will have to pay back over 1,400 customers who filed complaints with Schmitt’s office.

The petition filed by the state alleged the business violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. The state alleged Rough Country Rustic used “deceptive and unfair business practices” and took payment for goods but failed to provide the purchased products to consumers, or in some cases, provided defective products.

Rough Country Rustic made hand-crafted gun concealment and rustic furniture. Customers told the BBB the business failed to deliver goods as promised, and they faced challenges receiving refunds.

As part of the judgment:

  • Rough Country can’t take payment upfront for any product unless it has the completed product in inventory.
  • Must ship any product purchased within 10 days or provide a refund if the product isn’t shipped in that time.

Rough Country suspended operations in July 2018 and filed for Chapter seven bankruptcy in November 2018. The owner of that store opened a new business, Farmhouse Store Company, in October 2019. Farmhouse Store operates out of the same location as Rough Country.

The court imposed civil penalties of $50,000 against the company owners, but those were suspended on the condition that they abide by all terms of the judgment.

News Writer : Çetin KAYA

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