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Ikea and Asus ROG team up to launch gaming furniture and accessories in China | FURNTR
Ikea and Asus ROG team up to launch gaming furniture and accessories in China


Ikea and Asus ROG team up to launch gaming furniture and accessories in China

  • Ikea is developing about 30 gaming-related products in Shanghai that will go on sale in February 2021, starting in China
  • Professional gamers and e-sports players commonly rely on ergonomic gaming chairs to protect themselves from pain and injuries

Gaming furniture used to be niche. But now Ikea is getting in on the action in a sign that the category is going mainstream. The Swedish company plans to launch its first products made specifically for gamers starting in China next year.

To take on this project, Ikea teamed up with the Asus brand Republic of Gamers (ROG). Taiwan’s Asus already offers a line of gaming equipment such as desktops, laptops and keyboards. The new collaboration will see the launch of about 30 pieces of ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories. Ikea says they will be designed to “increase performance while also blend in beautifully to homes.”

Ikea has not specified any products yet, but typical gaming furniture includes colourful chairs with plush backs that sometimes resemble racing car seats. Desks that can hold more than one monitor are also popular. They’re mostly designed to reduce the pain and discomfort commonly associated with prolonged periods of sedentary gaming.

Hours of practice every day can take a toll on the health of dedicated gamers. China’s most famous e-sports player, Uzi, 

retired at age 23

 earlier this year, citing shoulder pain as one reason. His team blamed “injuries accumulated over eight years of high intensity training”.

While neither Ikea nor Asus is based in mainland China, they chose Shanghai as the headquarters for the new project. Ikea said it has a product development centre in the city, and the new products are being developed with feedback from Shanghai’s professional gamers and enthusiasts.

The products will first go on sale in China beginning in February 2021 before expanding to other markets starting in October.

There are reasons for Ikea to launch its new gaming products in China. The country is currently the world’s biggest gaming market, according to research firm Newzoo. And Niko Partners, another research firm, estimates that China is home to about 720 million gamers – more than twice the size of the entire US population.

While China imposes a strict approval process and censorship requirements on games, the country is vying to become a global e-sports centre.

Beijing recently 

received backing from President Xi Jinping

 to boost e-sports recruitment and arena construction in the Chinese capital. Last month, it 

hosted the nation’s first live audience for an e-sports event

 since the Covid-19 pandemic delayed tournaments worldwide. Later this month, the League of Legends World Championship is set to take place in Shanghai, and it will take place in China again next year.

In addition to Ikea, Herman Miller, another modern furniture maker, also recently entered the gaming equipment market. The company partnered with computer peripherals brand Logitech for a line of chairs, desks and flexible monitor stands. They are already available for purchase in mainland China.

News Writer : Selma SEZGİN

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