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Wooden Sinks!

Hüseyin Canbaz, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, produces decorative washbasins and toys from wood.
Hüseyin Canbaz, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, transforms the machines produced by his father into CNC wood and l lathe machines with the support of software and computers in Tavşanlı district of Kütahya.

After graduating from the Department of Physics at Boğaziçi University Faculty of Science and Literature, he started his master degree at Dumlupınar University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Hüseyin Canbaz, left his education here and started to work in the workshop of his father Mustafa Canbaz who produces mining and pellet machines in Tavşanlı Small Industrial Site.
Canbaz transforms the machines produced by his father into CNC wood and l lathe machines with the support of software and computers. Canbaz's decorative washbasins and toys made of wood from beech, walnut, fir and pine attract a great attention.

At the interview that Hüseyin Canbaz gave to the AA correspondent; he said that after the software work he did, they sell their production on CNC wood and l lathe machines that they did with his father.

Canbaz explained that they had entered the woodworking business with these machines and that they had a long R & D process, and then realized that they made the production of toys by making toys for the children around them.

‘Different products began to appear’

Canbaz mentions that working with wood is a very attractive and pleasing occupation and added;
“We didn’t know the wood and we started by asking to the elder masters. We learned the directions and every dimensions of the wood. Then, we started to make researches on foreign resources, we studied on foreign articles and I discovered different techniques. We learned rare techniques that are not frequently applied in Turkey and we thought that these techniques should be in Turkey. Next, we gradually started to apply these techniques. We have focused on increasing the durability of the wood without harming its visual quality. After that we have seen that divergent products started to appear. “

‘Combining the elegancy of the wood with kitchen and bathroom benches’

Canbaz, who has made the toy of many things from cars to various animals, said that they produced educational toys for children of 1-3 age group, then they started to produce toys for developing intelligence about numbers for 3-5 age group.
Canbaz beside workplaces and dining tables also states that they produce wooden kitchen stalls and sinks. They do water-resistant products after processing wood to cover a special technique.
Hüseyin Canbaz also mentioned that wooden sink is common abroad but hardly known in Turkey. He also added:
I made my first sink for my mother. Our R & D activities are continuing. We're multiplying our models. I think that Turkish people will also use these wooden sinks as well as foreign people. Now, we have 5 models available. We still develop and increase our catalogue. 
Canbaz also indicated that the prices for wooden sinks start from 1200 Turkish Liras up to 2000 Turkish Liras. He adds; “The older the wood, the higher the cost. No other problem occurs during the montage process. The montage of the wooden sinks are same as the regular ones.” 

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