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When Yıldız Sunta closed, 645 people lost their jobs. | FURNTR
When Yıldız Sunta closed, 645 people lost their jobs.

Yıldız Sunta,founded in Kocaeli in 1988 and listed on ISO's 500 largest companies list of Turkey's 253. largest companies,finished production,645 workers became unemployed without receiving their salaries.Turkey's 253 largest firms, Yıldız Sunta finished the production the day before yesterday.
The company, which has been producing for 21 years in Kartepe ,district of Kocaeli , has been affected by the economic crisis last year and In the factory approximately 400 blue-collar, 135 white-collar and 110 contractor was working.The factory management, who had a large meeting the day before,pronounce that they had closed the company.About 645 workers became unemployed after this announcement.


Representatives of employers who talk about workers who have not been able to receive salaries for month said that they would give all the money from the suppliers to the workers.To overcome the economic problems of the factory,chairman of the Türk-iş business confederation Ergün Atalay and Kocaeli deputy and former vice president Fikri Işık get involved after the local elections on March 31 but Contacts in Ankara did not work well.

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