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Turkish companies landed in the USA! Its time for China ... | FURNTR
Turkish companies landed in the USA! Its time for China ...



Turkish companies landed in the USA! It's time for China ...


The United States, which imports $ 40 billion of furniture annually, mobilized domestic furniture manufacturers. Furniture manufacturers, who exported a maximum of 20 million dollars annually to this market 5 years ago, exported close to 150 million dollars in 8 months of 2020. There is intense demand from China ...

The Turkish furniture industry is determined to further increase its contribution to the economy by raising its export network, which spreads all over the world with its domestic production power, in dynamic markets. While furniture manufacturers continue to increase their exports on the way to their target, they are working intensively especially for the USA and distant markets. Accordingly, the USA, the world's largest furniture importer with $ 40 billion, mobilized domestic furniture manufacturers. Furniture manufacturers, who exported a maximum of 20 million dollars annually to this market 5 years ago, exported close to 150 million dollars in 8 months in 2020. The furniture manufacturers, who increased their competitiveness with regional promotions, continuous digital meetings during the pandemic period and negotiations with supply committees, also provided an increase in exports to distant markets as well as the USA. Accordingly, furniture dominated among export items during the pandemic period. The furniture industry reached the highest export figure in its history in August.



According to the sector report prepared by the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), there is 91 billion dollars of furniture consumption in the USA and 40 billion of this is imported furniture. There is 24 billion dollars of furniture consumption in Germany and the numerical value of the furniture they import is 14 billion dollars. 8 billion of 14 billion dollars consumption in France consists of imported products.




World of reference adopted by Milan-based research center, Center For Industrial Studies (CSIL) According to the report, Turkey in 2020, the global furniture exports rose six places to eighth place than jumping.


As the pandemic process begins to change the direction of world trade, global companies and supply groups are making new regulations to minimize risk. Risk is distributed to various regions with less order rate. Part of China's strong role in supply is now being transferred to various core countries. Turkish furniture sector in Turkey among the most important markets in the world with his attacks on the rise pandemic period.


Ahmet Güleç, Chairman of the Board of Istanbul Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association, drew attention to China's export power of 53.4 billion dollars and emphasized the purchasing capacity in the world. Güleç said, “The USA, which is the world's largest furniture importer with 40 billion dollars, is one of our target markets where we want to increase our exports to billion dollars. In the first eight months of 2020 and despite the pandemic, we see that our furniture exports to the USA increased by 6 percent. We carry out promotional activities in the US furniture Turkey, participation in fairs and organization we have achieved this result, "he said.


Ahmet Güleç said that they are working with the aim of making the USA one of the top five export countries and that positive developments continue rapidly in this context. Noting that they want to deepen in the USA with a sustainable market understanding, Güleç stated that their activities will increasingly continue.




of the Chinese market is also increasingly in demand on the furniture in Turkey shows itself. “Our furniture exports to China increased by a full 150 times in June and July, when the restrictions were reduced. We have been going to all fairs in China for years as national participation. Our country pavilion participation continues in the fair area of ​​4 thousand square meters. We put effort into the market and get its reward. Furniture imports are increasing in China. Our goals are great in terms of getting more shares from this market, ”he said.




The Turkish furniture industry exports to 179 countries. The USA, France, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya are the markets with the highest added value considering the unit price per kilogram. The USA is the market where Turkish furniture manufacturers produce the most added value.


According to the report, there is an export value of $ 4.26 per kilogram to the USA, 3.74 to France, 3.4 to Germany, 3.2 to Israel, and 3.11 to the United Kingdom.




Mediterranean Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association (AKAMİB) continued the increase in exports in June and July in August. In August, AKAMIB's exports increased by 0.37 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 55 million dollars. AKAMİB Chairman Onur Kılıçer pointed out that exports to the US from the region increased by 124 percent, saying, “The USA is one of the target markets for the furniture industry. The increase in exports to this country despite the pandemic shows that our work is in place. "We will continue our efforts to get more shares from the US market."

News Author : Selma SEZGİN

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