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Turkeys exports of the bed increased by 12 per cent. | FURNTR
Turkeys exports of the bed increased by 12 per cent.

Turkey's exports of the bed with the effect of the pandemic 
2020 year of January-September period increased by 12 percent in the reached $ 175 million. 

The decrease in time spent outside with the pandemic led people to meet their domestic needs. This situation has increased the demand for the mattress as in many products.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) According to the data, Turkey in 2019 year January-September period By selling beds to more than 70 countries  While providing 157 million dollars of foreign currency input, In the same period of this year export  it increased by about 12 percent to 175 million dollars.

When mattress exports are analyzed on a provincial basis, Kayseri ranked first. While approximately 69 million dollars of beds were exported from Kayseri; Mattress export of İzmir, where large capacity investments were put into use in recent years, increased by 32 percent annually and reached 18.5 million dollars in the said period. Bursa, which increased its exports by 30 percent, followed İzmir.

Production capacity increases

Making a statement on the subject, Cahit Doğan Yağcı, Chairman of the Aegean Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters Association, drew attention to the high demand for the furniture sector in both foreign and domestic markets. Stating that the first days of the pandemic were difficult for the sector, Yağcı said, 
''However, people got used to it over time. When people stay home in the pandemic; the they'll spend outside they spend the money for their homes. This is the same both at home and abroad. " said.

Expressing that the recovery in the sector is rapid, Yağcı drew attention to the fact that long-term delivery dates have started to be given in the domestic market. Yağcı said, "Turkish companies have been bought by foreign investors. We see examples of this. Especially in İzmir, the production potential is growing. We see that both new investments are made in mattress production and the existing facilities are enlarged." 

Stating that there were problems due to the price increase in the foam used in mattress production, Yağcı said, "Okay, the exchange rate is changing, but the change here is beyond the exchange rate. I hope it will be solved in a thesis time." said.

News Author : Erbay ŞAHİN

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