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Tips for shopping for furniture, big items online | FURNTR
Tips for shopping for furniture, big items online


Tips for shopping for furniture, big items online

RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia says the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a big jump in online furniture sales.

According to a release, online purchases of home products and furnishings have nearly doubled, while the online sales of outdoor furniture have increased by more than 400 percent.

BBB says this likely reflects the home improvements many people have been making, parents shopping for home school learning, and employees switching to a work-from-home situation.

However, the organization says making large purchases online should still be approached with care and has offered tips for shoppers.

People are encouraged to shop only with reputable retailers, which provide information about their company and have valid contact information, company reviews and more.

Especially during the pandemic, shoppers should know a store’s return and refund policy because return shipping for large items, such as furniture, can be costly.

Some retailers may have instituted special restrictions on deliveries and returns, so shoppers are encouraged to either read the policies posted online or call the retailer directly.

Regarding delivery options, there are three main ones frequently offered by furniture retailers, each of which may come with a different cost: front door, inside, and white glove.

However, some retailers are only offering curbside or front door delivery to avoid contact during the process due to the pandemic.

Shoppers are also encouraged to correctly measure the space, such as the width of their door, hallway, and stairs and banisters or the place where the item they intend to purchase will go.

Additionally, colors online can appear very different from real life, so BBB suggests looking at a item on multiple devices to get a better idea of how the real color may appear,

Reading reviews is another good idea as that can tell a shopped about the quality of the item and the experience of using the retailer.

If you have any questions, make sure to ask them as a reputable furniture company will strive to answer questions about a specific product.

Comparing prices is also an option when multiple retailers sell similar items, but shoppers must also remember to account for shipping fees and taxes.

If considering a store financing, rent-to-own or layaway plan, shoppers should read any fine print, especially about financing plans, interest, length of the payment plan, fees to pay the balance in full, and more.

Once the item arrives, the purchasers should closely inspect it before signing any delivery paperwork. That way, they can see if there is any damage or missing pieces. If a delivery is refused, the shopper is not responsible for payment.


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