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Standard Grades Furniture And Fabrics For Use In Healthcare | FURNTR
Standard Grades Furniture And Fabrics For Use In Healthcare


Standard Grades Furniture And Fabrics For Use In Healthcare


Clean Production Action is releasing the GreenScreen CertifiedTM Standard for Furniture & Fabrics to meet growing demands for certified environmentally preferable products in healthcare and beyond, according to a press release.

Kaiser Permanente — one of the largest non-profit healthcare organizations in the U.S. with 12.4 million members, 39 hospitals, and 715 medical offices — is a leader in setting standards for environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP). Kaiser Permanente’s EPP Furniture & Fabrics Standard specifies the avoidance of chemicals of concern to human health and the environment, including phthalates, bisphenols, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), flame retardants, California Proposition 65 chemicals and other hazardous chemicals.

“This new certification aligns with our EPP Furniture & Fabrics Standard, and provides suppliers with a certified pathway to demonstrate third party compliance with our requirements,” says Jennifer MacDaniel, principal interior designer at Kaiser Permanente.

Products covered by the new GreenScreen Certified Standard include desk systems, seating, accessories, case work, upholstery fabric, window treatments and wall coverings.

 “GreenScreen Certified for Furniture & Fabric is highly protective of human health and the environment, complies with Kaiser Permanente’s standard, and gives all purchasers of furniture the assurance that these products avoid chemicals of high concern in their design,” says Dr. Mark S. Rossi, executive director of Clean Production Action. “To certify products, furniture and fabric companies must document compliance to the GreenScreen standard, including statements from their suppliers attesting to conformance to the criteria.”

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