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Saint Marys installs new furniture on lawn between Le Mans and Moreau Halls | FURNTR
Saint Marys installs new furniture on lawn between Le Mans and Moreau Halls


Saint Mary’s installs new furniture on lawn between Le Mans and Moreau Halls


In order to allow students to spend more time outside comfortably in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Mary’s student government worked to add new furniture to be placed on the grass between Le Mans Hall and Moreau Hall.

The new furniture is similar to that which is located on Notre Dame’s library quad, including wooden lawn chairs, bonfire pits and hanging lights.

Senior Giavanna Paradiso, SGA president, said her team just wanted to give Saint Mary’s students a nice space to enjoy company together outside with the addition of the furniture.

“SGA was very excited to be able to help [the] students’ situations better,” she said.

Student Activities Board (SAB), Resident Hall Association (RHA) and Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) said they will team up to use this space for future bonfire events.

The space has been nicknamed “Belle’s Corner” by students, and the tables have been decorated with small plants and pumpkins for the fall season. The new additions have brought students out from their residence halls to sit under the lights to work or to just socialize with their friends.

Senior Sarah Caldwell, a member of the SAB, said their organization hopes to bring Saint Mary’s students together by using the new space.

“As Student Activities Board, we plan community-building events for Saint Mary’s students,” Caldwell said. “We host an annual bonfire event and were excited that we could utilize the new space to host this year’s event. We look forward to using the space in the future.”

Although they have not yet planned an event using the space, Caldwell said she feels confident that these events will be enjoyable for all Saint Mary’s students.

Although the semester will come to an end in a little over a month, the weather is expected to get colder soon, and students are encouraged to use the bonfires, before 5 p.m., as the temperatures continue to .

Senior Morgan Burnett said she is excited for the cold weather this year.

“I think the bonfire events are fun and [will] make the cold weather on campus more bearable,” Burnett said.

While the fire pits will also double as tables and help provide warmth to students as they get their work done, senior LeeAnn Beaty also said she is excited to use this area for the winter months with a few modifications.

“Hopefully, we will be able to place some of those tall, standing heaters so that we’re able to use this awesome area as the weather gets cooler,” Beaty said.

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