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La-Z-Boy s McDelivery Couch | FURNTR
La-Z-Boy s McDelivery Couch

Sweepstakes prize offers McD customers some La-Z-Boy comfort

La-Z-Boy partnered with McDonalds on a sweepstakes to generate exposure to a broader base of consumers and d this one-of-a-kind McDelivery Couch as the prize.

HIGH POINT — One lucky customer will find out soon if he or she is the proud owner of the only McDelivery Couch from La-Z-Boy.

To enter to win the couch, consumers needed to tweet about their favorite McDelivery on Uber Eats item, tagging #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats and @McDonalds. The sweepstakes began mid-March and ran through April 8.

“La-Z-Boy is known for comfort and innovation, so partnering with McDonald’s offered an excellent opportunity for us to get in front of a broader audience,” said Eli Winkler, La-Z-Boy’s vice president of marketing, digital customer CX and e-commerce.

Winkler said La-Z-Boy has been a strong supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities for many years, including donating nearly 10,000 pieces of furniture, helping to furnish 150 new and existing houses and family rooms, and raising more than $1.8 million for the charity.

“Because of our many years of supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the idea to partner with McDonalds on a sweepstakes to expose potentially new customers to La-Z-Boy just made sense,” said Gregory Pahl, La-Z-Boy’s director of channel marketing.

The four-seat sofa, developed by La-Z-Boy’s R&D department, includes McFlurry chillers, which are coolers built into the dual center consoles to keep frozen-items chilled at the correct temperature. The couch also has built-in phone chargers, light-up cup holders, button-touch adjustable seats with power back, leg and head rests and the upholstery comes with La-Z-Boy’s stain-resistant iClean technology.

McDonald’s enlisted the help of Trey Kennedy, a social media influencer and comedian, to promote the sweepstakes, creating videos of him lounging on the McDelivery couch.

Winkler and Pahl say they are pleased with the success of the sweepstakes and will consider partnering with McDonalds again in the future.

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