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KAYMOSs new service building put into service with a ceremony. | FURNTR
KAYMOSs new service building put into service with a ceremony.

KAYMOS's new service building put into service with a ceremony.

Service building of Association of Kayseri Furniture Industrialists put into service with a ceremony.Mehmet Yalçın,Chairman of the Board gave a speech at the opening of the building located in the directorate of Kayseri organized industrial zone.He said that his goal is to realize the biggest fair in Anatolia and added "Kaymos is now in its fifth year.We became a huge family with 190 members.I would like to thank the management of the organized industrial zone and Tahir, Chairman of OSB, for the allocation of such a facility.

Kaymos, which is the unification point of sellers of furniture and industrialists since its establishment, serves our city and our sector more powerfully in a spirit of unity and solidarity.Our aim is to be together and act as one heart.We are aware by this means that no obstacle will stop us for our country, our city and our sector.

Last night we had a consultation meeting to make an exhibition worthy of the capital of furniture Kayseri.With the support of our chamber of industry, chamber of commerce, organized industrial zone and Mayors,in collaboration with TÜYAP-KAYMOS  We have desire to do the furniture fair which will be held between 9-13 October in the new fair area where the construction is completed.This fair is aimed to be the biggest fair in Anatolia.With the opening of Kums Avm Factory, Europe's and Turkey's largest furniture shopping center,will become more powerful to our city and our sector.Opening the shopping center Kums Factory will make our city a center of attraction in furniture.Of course, delivering products on time is more important than everything.Our most important goal is to work with all our strength to achieve the target of our country's 2023 ,export target of 10 billion.To solve many of the problems that need to be done on behalf of the sector,we prepared many activities to get training from experts and institutions.With the opening of our association,we have started to work with all our strength in unity to transform Kaymos into a solution center.After Mehmet Büyüksimitci's,Chairman of the Executive Board of Kayseri Chamber of Industry,Ömer Gülsoy's,Chairman of the Executive Board of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, and Mustafa Palancioğlu's speech,Mayor of Melikgazi, Service building opened with prayer.

April 25, 2019   Thursday

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