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Furniture stores register increase in sales | FURNTR
Furniture stores register increase in sales



Furniture stores register increase in sales

Over the past two weeks, furniture stores have been offering special promotions as part of the annual furniture festival.


In fact, more customers showed up to examine the offers than in previous years, and sales have subsequently spiked. However, businesses are only now beginning to catch up from the setbacks of the lockdown, as Jean-Pierre Thill, who owns a store in Hosingen, explains:

"We did not work for eight weeks, for which we are still making up. Fortunately enough, it seems that our industry has not suffered as much as others."

Buyers' priorities seem to have changed over time, with more interest being dedicated to basic items, such as mattresses and couches. Kitchens have also gained in importance, since living spaces are ever more often designed around the cooking area as the heart of the apartment.

The downside: most orders will be accompanied by longer waiting periods than usual, which can even amount to several months. Production rates have decreased since the beginning of the outbreak, Thill further conveys.

News Author : Çetin KAYA

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