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Furniture manufacturers have difficulties in raw material supply | FURNTR
Furniture manufacturers have difficulties in raw material supply

Furniture manufacturers stated that there was an increase in the exports of raw materials such as MDF and sponge due to the increase in the exchange rate, and that there were problems in the supply of raw materials;  therefore both the domestic market and furniture exports were negatively they state that they are affected

Furniture Industry Association of Businessmen (MOBSAD) President Nuri Gürcan, since 2001, Turkey's overall exports increased 5.5-fold, 15-fold increase experienced in furniture, he said.

Turkey's exports to 179 countries, voicing export figure of $ 3.5 billion last year, approaching Gürcan, 36 thousand producers and 65 thousand job sector in that place, 100 thousands explained that the person was employed.

Gürcan, the furniture export value per kilogram has increased with each passing day, noting that more than 2 times the average in Turkey with 2.74 dollars, made the following statement:

"While our industry is working hard to contribute to the national economy, we are experiencing serious difficulties in raw materials these days.  Too much demand for raw materials from abroad due to the exchange rate; and the producers' export of their products. Exporting products in this way negatively affects our industry.
Since we cannot find MDF in the domestic market, we are experiencing delays in product supplies.

MODOKO Chairman Koray Çalışkan said that in June, serious dynamism started in MODOKO, which is located in an area of ​​150 thousand square meters with 350 stores, and that they are working day and night to reach the 4 billion dollar export target set for the end of the year.

Turkey mentioned the quality reached in furniture export and this area Hardworking voicing produce equivalent product with Italy, in a vast area up to South Africa from the US to China Russia told Turkish furniture of the consumers.


Stating that the factories producing MDF, which is the main material of furniture, are having difficulty in delivering products to the domestic market due to the increase in exchange rates, Çalışkan continued his words as follows:

"While we are talking about breaking so many export records, we have difficulty in finding raw materials. We cannot respond to the demand in the domestic market as the raw material is sold abroad. Because there has been a serious demand in the domestic market with weddings, housing sales and campaigns in our sector. The deadline we give for the delivery date of the orders we receive is continuous. The same situation is also valid for our foreign markets, and we will have to increase our deadline to 120-150 days with this trend.Although MDF producing materials have signed an important export right now, they overlook the following: They turn the product they sell a unit into a value-added product, and 5 we sell by unit. "

Koray Çalışkan stated that exporting furniture raw materials hinders value-added exports and emphasized that priority should be given to the domestic market.


Stating that there has been a serious increase in the prices of furniture raw materials recently, Balcı said, "The kilogram prices of raw materials have almost doubled compared to last year, especially in the purchase of sponge. In addition to the price increase, there is a delay in the supply of raw materials, the supplies in the domestic market and exports reach 60 days."

Underlining that the price increases in raw materials put all furniture manufacturers in a difficult situation, Balcı said, "Raw material purchased from abroad is now expensive. In raw material purchases, VAT of which is 18 percent and payments are made on demand, all cargo gets on the producer. Furniture. "We expect support from our government to find a solution to this issue in a short time in order not to raise sales," he said.

MOSDER President Balcı stated that the number of factories that will process the raw material in the country is insufficient and emphasized that a new raw material factory can be added to the sector with state support and incentives.

News Author : Çetin KAYA

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