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Furniture exports fell 50 percent due to Corona virus in Turkey. | FURNTR
Furniture exports fell 50 percent due to Corona virus in Turkey.

While 90 percent of the furniture production factories in İnegöl district of Bursa continued their activities within the scope of coronavirus measures, exports decreased by 50 percent due to the epidemic.
The measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country were also implemented in the furniture production factories in İnegöl district of Bursa, which meets most of the furniture exports. In the production centers where the production continues, the workers continue their work by complying with the social distance rule in their work areas, while at the same time they are not employed without masks and gloves.

'It is mandatory for every employee to wear a mask and gloves'
Making a statement regarding the measures taken, İnegöl Furniture Chamber President Özcan Ayhan announced that 90 percent of the enterprises in the furniture industry continue production. 

Sharing the information about the transition to short-term working in some businesses, Ayhan said, “We have companies that switch to clock adjustments. We have companies that don't work on the weekend. Firms have various applications. Our state also supports us at this point. In addition to these supports, measures regarding occupational safety have become more frequent. Every employee, is required to wear masks and gloves. Also among employees; a certain distance have to be. Our businesses also follow these rules. ”

For preparing orders they receive; that they made an intense effort; explaining; President Ayhan, “The transport network still continues. Although there are problems in certain regions, the shipping network still works. As long as the shipping is working, as long as the stores want the product, businesses, at work It will be. In the meantime, we have companies that send their employees to annual leave. We hope that nothing will happen. Human health first, then the job comes. The two together We are trying to provide." he said.

Stating that exports halved due to the coronavirus outbreak, President Ayhan said,
“There is a slowdown in exports now. Many customs gates have trouble. Already buyers in; they do not persistently want products. Because there are problems in their own country. Currently, exports stopped 50 percent. In the domestic market until Ramadan, orders are prepared, then it stops there.

Our hope, is for this outbreak, to developing the vaccine's. 
and return to healthy days again. As before, we want to work in shifts at night if necessary. ”

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News Author : Erbay ŞAHİN

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