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Functional furniture for those who work from home | FURNTR
Functional furniture for those who work from home

It seems that the model of working from home, which is on the rise with Kovid-19, will continue for a long time. With this prediction, furniture makers are increasing functional furniture models. Office space is formed at home. Let's see what the new period will bring?

Some companies are going to extend this process, especially while the white collar home working period continues, while others plan to make working remotely permanent. This working order, which has been established from the beginning, leads the employees to re-plan the 'office' areas in their homes. In this context, people who live in smaller square meter houses such as 1 + 1 or 2 + 1 prefer the way of expanding their work areas with functional furniture. Thanks to the increase in multi-purpose furniture, the furniture sector has started to add new products to its products produced in this area. Demand for functional furniture is also expected from countries in the nearby geography.

Big online move

Standing out with its solutions for the functional use of small living spaces to date, Hafele has also completed its preparations for increased mobility through its online channels during this period. Reminding that it was the first time that people spent at home for such a long time, Hafele Chief Executive Officer Hilmi Uytun stated that their living spaces were questioned in detail and both aesthetics and functionality were sought. Uytun gave the following examples of products that add functionality and help:

“An additional workbench, countertops small opened from the top drawer in kitchens; can close and enter the drawer when it's done. Olive oil and vinegars can easily be taken out with the product we call cruet stand, in all sizes of kitchen. Wardrobes at home are another focus. Tie and socks organizers  provide great convenience. The ironing board, which is opened from a drawer of the wardrobe, is a source of smile to the owners in case of emergency. Of course, a mirror that is put into the wardrobe is another very preferred product. Our product that prevents misting in bathrooms, We have special drawer systems under the sink. For the cloakroom, our shoes that fit 50 shoes where normally 25 shoes fit, scarves, gloves etc. our movable shelves to put ... "

Ahmet Güleç, President of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), pointed out that the designs in the furniture sector are aimed at benefiting the consumer with the technical production conditions and said:

The design is changing

“Our prediction in the coming period is that people will enter into a process in which they question and recognize the functions and comfort of their furniture in their homes and offices more. The furniture used in the process of working from home is of course neither literally home nor literally oriented towards the office. Working from home with the epidemic process brought with it a new design approach in furniture. Furniture designers took action and focused their work on this side. With the new normal, we expect our furniture industry to experience both change and strengthen with awareness that can meet the high demand. ”

Innovation is raining

Art Design Chairman Turgay Terzi said, “We add USB ports to our chairs. We also make dining tables suitable for the work table. The bed comes out of the closet only a few of them. On the other hand, there is a free 3D drawing that we present in our stores to evaluate this process correctly. ”

Furntr News Center 20 June 2020

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