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from Ankara Chamber of Furniture reacts to committee decision. | FURNTR
from Ankara Chamber of Furniture reacts to committee decision.

ANKARA President of the Chamber of Furniture and Lacquerers Hüseyin Taklacı; For the purpose of revitalizing the sites reacted to decision to form committee by Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) and Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO)  
Taklacı; ''A meeting  with Sites about should be in the Sites, here we have our place, About Sites, if a meeting will be made, if a decision will be made should be done together." he said. 
Taklacı; also reacted to stated that they were not invited to the meeting and criticized the committee's decision; to establish a furniture organized industrial site in the where the Çiğiltepe military lodgings were located.

 Stating that they had previously requested that region in 2016, Taklacı said that they had started to work on establishing Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Zone. Saying that they want the military zone in 2016, they said, "We have established Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Site; by reason of failure for to conclude. " he said.

That the problems of Sites have not been solved for years stating, Taklacı,  ''we tried to do for years, They didn't support the projects; '' he said.
I am; the President of the Chamber of Furniture Manufacturers in Ankara. I cannot give the rights of my members to anyone. Each room will do its job. ATO, ASO and we are affiliated to the Ministry of Customs Trade. we find it wrong to hold the meeting without inviting the main person concerned.

News Author : Erbay ŞAHİN

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